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Are you holding yourself from buying a dedicated server because of budget constraints? Or, You are putting a huge investment on dedicated server hosting? If any of these is your case, then you are at the right place. Serverwala has been delivering the most affordable dedicated hosting services worldwide while satisfying the millions of users’ web business needs. You would surely not want to miss reading about the leading services of this company. Thus, here we are! But before that, let’s talk about why the business owners wish to opt for the Best Dedicated Server in Germany as their ultimate hosting solution. 

What is Dedicated Server Germany? 

The dedicated server hosting Germany renders the powerful server that can be entirely rented by you to host your web business. You get complete access to all its web resources without requiring to share them with other users. The privileges and benefits of the dedicated server Germany help to overcome all the limitations that come with the other hosting servers. Continue reading to know about them. 

How Can a Dedicated Server Germany Benefit Your Business? 

  • You get the exclusive right to utilize all the web resources.
  • You can scale up the resources and other services as per your business needs. 
  • You get full control over your server. 
  • You can run any operating system on your system, which serves as the most compatible one for your web applications.
  • Your business website gets an independent and private hosting environment. 
  • Your web business gets high-level security through data separation. 
  • Your website obtains a dedicated IP address with the dedicated server Germany. 
  • All the above privileges help to intensify and optimize your website’s performance under all situations. 

Let us move on to discuss the best-dedicated server Germany from the Serverwala company. The company leads you to boost and elevate your website’s progress at a minimal cost. Follow the sections below to learn more about the company’s best and cheapest dedicated hosting services and facilities. 

The Brief: Serverwala

One of the industry-Leading Web Hosting Companies, Serverwala, is well-recognized for rendering the best-dedicated server hosting in Germany. The company aims to provide hyper-scale and high-grade hosting services at the cheapest prices. You will gain the top-tier equipment and fastest network connectivity with the company’s dedicated server in Germany. Moreover, the servers of the company are based on modern, resilient, and robust technology in order to provide you a world-class hosting experience. Mentioned following are the features and plans of the Serverwala dedicated server. Let’s have a glance at them!

Features of Using Serverwala Germany Dedicated Server  

Hardware RAID

The dedicated hosting server Germany will provide your web business with the support of hardware RAID. You will obtain the opportunity of acquiring  RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 from the company. 

Premium Bandwidth 

The company’s bare metal servers will come with twenty times faster speed and provide your business website the premium bandwidth. You can attain the bandwidth in the range of 100 MBPS to the highest 1 GBPS.

Round-The-Clock Technical Support

The company will render 24/7/365 technical support from its expert team with all the hosting plans. The team constitutes highly skilled and experienced professionals who will always be there for you to provide an instant and logical solution. 

Private VLAN Subnets

You will be able to build the private server clusters with utmost ease while making usage of the 10GBPS virtual LAN subnets of your dedicated server hosting Germany. 

SSH Root Control

The company will also give you the SSH root control of your dedicated server making it simpler for you to modify the server configurations as well as customization settings in no time. 

Data Encryption

You will get the possibility to encrypt your data with your dedicated server in Germany. The company provides the firewall protection and highest data security measures, involving SSL certificate and DDoS protection with its dedicated servers. 

Robust Network

Your website will attain the consistent and highest network connectivity from the company’s data centers. It will also include the Extreme-IX, DE-CIX, Extreme-IX – Bandwidth, NIXI networks from top-leading service providers.

IPv4 and IPv6 addresses

You can buy any number of IP addresses from the company for your online business. However, your server will come with one IPv4 and IPv6 address at no cost. 

Service Level Agreement

Your dedicated server hosting in Germany will be provided with a 100% uptime guarantee and zero downtime. This will enable you to obtain an enhanced visitors ratio. 

Serverwala – Provider of Best Dedicated Server in Germany Plans 

The company offers the full range of plans for the cheapest dedicated server Germany to suit the demands of different web businesses. You can pick the desired one for you and later upgrade it anytime as per the necessities. The company offers the flexibility to choose between the unmanaged and managed hosting services. Also, you will be able to run any of the popular and most wanted operating systems at your server’s base – Linux and Windows. 

Customer Reviews 


To not fall on the wrong side by the company’s words, it is always suggested to research a bit about the company and its hosting services from your end. Customer reviews are one of the trustworthy aspects that you can rely on to ensure that you are picking the right hosting service for your online business. Thus, check out in this column the customer reviews of the Serverwala Germany Dedicated Server services. 


We would highly recommend you to pick the fully-managed dedicated server hosting from the company if you as well as your team are unsure about the technicalities of the server management. It will enable you to save time and focus at the forefront of your web business without getting deadlocked in the server functionalities. However, if that is not the case and you possess the server technical knowledge, you can pick the unmanaged dedicated hosting on your wish. Check out the Serverwala’ informational website to obtain further details of its dedicated server Germany –

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