Shade sails- The ultimate shade solution for your outdoors

Humans have been using pieces of cloth made of tightly-woven fabric to provide shade protection for thousands of years. Shade sails inspired by the makeshift shelter of nomads have become a trending source of utility for various facilities. Reason- they provide fanatics sun and UV protection, come with waterproofing that allows you to enjoy the outdoors all year round, create more usable space, increase the value of the building, are aesthetically pleasing, and whatnot! 

If you are still unclear about a shade sail, here’s the answer! 

What is a shade sail?

A shade sail is a deck or patio cover made from durable fabrics that provide shade to an area. You can think of it as a boat’s sail attached to a roof or an outdoor structure to form a canopy. The sails are usually tensioned by a stainless steel turnbuckle or a pulley system fixed at each corner of the sail. These are flexible membranes specifically made from UV protection materials and are available in various colours, shapes, and sizes. You can choose the one suitable for your requirements. If you think of adding some shade to your outdoors, a shade sail would be the most accessible and affordable way. They are also available in DIY (do-it-yourself) designs that allow you to install your sails as and when required. 

How to get started?

Planning your shade sail

Before moving forward with your shade sail design, there are several important factors to consider. The most important being “what is the purpose or what are you trying to achieve with these shades? Is it just protection from sun and rain? Is it to make your space more welcoming? Or both? Next, you need to consider the space you have available outdoors to determine the size and shape of shades that will best suit your facility. 

Accommodating pre-made sail rather than building a structure and ordering a custom-made sail (which is made precisely to fit) will help you save thousands of dollars in the long run. There are many cost-effective pre-made sail products available with sail suppliers. 

Designing your shade sail

The beauty of a shade sail is that you have virtually unlimited design options; you can create almost any type of 3D shape that appeals to your eyes. Typically they are available in three shapes- square, triangle, and rectangle. However, the installation technique, combinations of style, and colour are endless. You can layer multiple shaped shades and enjoy more coverage or add the wow factor. But, one thing you need to remember is that whatever design you pick must satisfy your installation purpose. For example, triangle shades are not ideal if you are mainly concerned about sun protection. Though they look fab, they offer the least protection. 

Installing your fixing points and shade sails

Now that you have planned and designed your structure, moving forward and installing the fixings necessary to hold the sail is time. Fixings comprise steel or timber columns, eyebolts, brackets, wall plates, or a combination of all these things. You need to install the fixings a reasonable distance from where the sail ends to ensure it can be tensioned using turnbuckles or pulleys for a pre-made sail. Or, if you have decided to have custom-made shade sails installed, you can install fixings where you want. After installing all fixing points, fit your tensioning devices to the sail and connect them to the fixings. 

That’s it! Set yourself up under your brand new sail, sit back, relax and enjoy the wonderful outdoors in style.


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