Should You Use a Multiple-Monitor Setup?

Day trading is a good way to earn some money part-time, but you can take on it as a full-time career as well. Before doing so, you may be wondering if you need to upgrade to a 6 monitor setup. Is it time to click here and purchase the new monitors for your workstation?

You’ve probably seen numerous day traders using those setups before.  Are they doing so out of necessity or simply because they like it?

After reading this article, you will understand why some day traders use multi-monitor setups. You will also be able to determine if upgrading to that kind of setup is something you need to do. 

Is Using a Multi-Monitor Setup Necessary for Trading? 

Let’s answer an important question right away.

Do you need to use a multi-monitor setup when you’re day trading? The answer to that question is no.

Day traders don’t have to use a 6 monitor setup just to get into this line of work. You can stick with the PC you already have and start trading today.

You shouldn’t be asking if a multi-monitor setup is necessary for day trading. That’s because doing so alters your perspective in a way that could ultimately be detrimental to your plans.

Instead, you should be wondering if using a multi-monitor setup helps you become a better day trader. 

How a 6 Monitor Setup Can Improve Your Performance as a Day Trader 

It’s easy to picture day trading at home as a kind of task you perform leisurely. You check out the markets for the day, consider your options, and make your moves. Afterward, you hang around to see how your moves play out.

Although day trading does indeed involve a lot of studying, it is far from an easygoing task. Day traders need to be actively engaged while they’re in the market. They must be ready to react to any new developments.

If you’re too slow to react, you may find it difficult to realize any profits from your trades.

It’s also important to note that full-time day trading can be a demanding job. You have to stay engaged within the markets for several hours.

Staring at your computer for that long while exhibiting poor posture can be bad for you. It won’t be long before your eyes start to feel strained. Even your neck and shoulders may start to ache.

Your quality of work may also be affected by your virtual environment. If you always have a cluttered screen when you’re trading, it will be tough to work efficiently.

All of those issues we just mentioned can have a major impact on your performance as a day trader. You need to do something about them if you wish to get better. That’s where the 6 monitor setup comes.

A multi-monitor setup can help with those aforementioned issues.

Going with multiple monitors means you can react faster to changes in the market. You can also get more comfortable at your workstation thanks to the additional screens. Organizing is also easier when you have multiple monitors at your disposal. 

How Many Monitors Do You Need for Day Trading? 

Trading using multiple monitors is easier in more ways than one. You should consider upgrading if you can.

That said, there are still some matters that need to be sorted out. For example, how many additional monitors will you need for your trading?

Unsurprisingly, the answer to that question is not super straightforward.

To obtain your answer, you first need to determine what your needs and preferences are as a trade. You can start by thinking of much information you put onscreen while you’re trading.

Do you like to keep upwards of 10 or 15 charts up onscreen at the same time or are you content with a handful of them? As much as possible, you should only put up three to four charts per monitor. That will allow you to see the data clearly and keep the charts separate.

Another important factor to consider is your task list while trading. Some traders focus solely on trading while others like to multitask. If you’re planning to multitask, you should consider using multiple monitors.

We also want you to envision your desired workstation. Think of how the monitors will be set up while you’re seated and see if they align well with your body. By considering that, you can create a workstation that makes sense for you from an ergonomic standpoint.

After accounting for several factors, we believe that a 6 monitor setup makes the most sense for day traders.

You can host several charts using those 6 monitors and you can remain seated comfortably while examining them. It’s also easy to devote one of those five screens to a task separate from day trading. 

How Do You Create a Trading Workstation with a 6 Monitor Setup at Home? 

It’s clear now that upgrading to a larger workstation is the right move for you. But how do you create that kind of workstation? How do you create a workstation that is capable of supporting those 6 monitors?

There’s an easy way or hard way to do that.

The hard way involves creating the multi-monitor setup on your own. You purchase the monitors, arrange them, and hook them up to your CPU. Also, you may have to get a new CPU to accommodate all the additional hardware.

Don’t forget about the connections themselves. If your monitors aren’t configured correctly, the displays may not look right.

Unless you have plenty of experience doing it, you’re likely to get something wrong when you’re setting up your revamped trading workstation solo.

Parting Words

To avoid unnecessary headaches, you can always purchase ready-made trading computers. Those trading computers are available in different configurations. Manufacturers offer different specs for the CPU and the number of monitors can vary too.

Purchase a complete trading workstation if you want a hassle-free experience.

Shifting to a multi-monitor setup can vastly improve your performance as a day trader. A 6 monitor setup, in particular, could be exactly what you need so look into making that upgrade as soon as possible.

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