Significance of office 365 vulnerability test

Internet is the biggest invention in the history of mankind after the invention of fire. It gave humans the power to connect with each other from any part of the world. It became an integrated platform for every individual to connect and socialize from their home. While the internet has many perks, it has a lot of downsides as well. Information is one of the biggest assets. Even more than money, people are keen on the information because it has great power. 

Cyber-attacks have become increasingly high in the recent era of social networking. There are more cyber attacks in the present than was seen before. Organizations and companies are ready to fulfill any demands if they happen to fall victim to hacking. This gives tech-savvy people an incredible advantage. That is why the introduction of the office 365 vulnerability test did much good to the people. 

What is the office 365 vulnerability test?

Introduced by Microsoft, Office 365 vulnerability test intends to point of the sites or hackers that may cause harm to the server. They are mostly provided due to automated testing tools such as network security scanners. 

If there are any vulnerabilities in the network of the company servers, it can cause great harm. The more the vulnerability the more risks there are for it to get hacked. The leaking of information can affect the company’s revenue. But not only that, it can affect the privacy of the employees and can cause a major ruckus among clients. 

What is the importance of a vulnerability test? 

Breech can be caused due to any circumstances and by anyone. Cyber breach is rather scary because unless you have IT, experts. Even then, it takes time between which a hacker could manage to get hold of all your information. 

To prevent that from happening, vulnerability assessments are conducted. If you are aware of your weaknesses before the opponent then you can easily work on them. Office 365 vulnerability test will point out the flaws and the risks that form the medium of hacking. They also bring to attention the risks and the overall security issues that serve potential to cyber attacks. 

Types of vulnerability tests 

Vulnerability tests rely on different types of system or network gaps. It means that the assessment process uses a variety of tools, scanners, and methods to identify risks and threats.

Mentioned below are a few types of vulnerability assessments that are incorporated under office 365 vulnerability test:

  • Network-based scans- They are used to identify possible attacks that threaten network security (if any). This scan also detects systems that are exposed. They can be wired or wireless networks.
  • Host-based scans- These locate and identify vulnerabilities in servers, workstations, or other network hosts. This scan usually examines the ports and services that may also be visible to network-based scans. This works out great because network-based scans can miss the configuration settings and patch history of the scanned system.
  • Wireless network scans- These scans are done in an organization checks out Wi-Fi networks and on the points of attacks in its infrastructure. It also identifies access points and can inform if the company’s network is securely configured or not.
  • Application scans- These are used to test websites to detect any software vulnerabilities. They also provide information over incorrect configurations in network or web applications.
  • Database scans- They are used to locate weak points in a database to prevent attacks such as SQL injection.


When we are accepting cookies and other information from the company, it means that we trust it. Sadly, victims of cyber attacks cannot be stopped from occurring. Hackers may find a way to breach your security system in a jiffy. But it is our responsibility to ensure maximum safety.

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