Small tricks to help you add links & download Instagram story

The feature of adding links on story has appeared on Android and iOS platforms. Here is a guide to help you insert links and download instagram story videos.

Can everyone insert links into instagram story?

The feature of viewing and sharing instagram story is increasingly popular on the online community. Realizing this trend, more and more businesses want to promote their image through story.

However, with a short duration, it is often difficult to convey all the desired content. So you need to know how to insert links into instagram story. But can all accounts use this feature?

As a way to serve marketing on instagram, the links inserted will be verified. But because I found this to be quite time-consuming, instagram upgraded exclusively for marketers.

For accounts with business profiles with 10,000 followers, you can post a direct link. These links will not be geo-restricted to create popularity and attraction. This also helps customers to view and download instagram story videos.

How to insert links into an Instagram story

To insert a link into instagram story is not difficult. You just need to take the following steps to promote your business more widely.

  • Step 1: Create a new story

Ở bước này bạn có thể chọn một bức ảnh hoặc một video đã được thực hiện trước đó. Nội dung cũng chỉ cần đơn giản và liên quan đến đường link bạn muốn chia sẻ.

  • Step 2: Insert URL link

First you need to copy the link of the website you want to go to. Then on the story you are creating you will see the chain link icon above next to other features.

How to insert URL link

When you click on this icon a new window will open allowing you to enter your source link. Just paste the copied URL link here. 

Finally, just click the green checkmark or “done” to complete the link insertion.

Steps to insert links

  • Step 3: Edit the rest

To guide followers to click on the link, you can insert instructions on your story. With the editing features of Instagram, you can do a lot of animated effects.

Not only that, with the lively story, you can download those Instagram story videos to your device. This way you can store longer and promote on other social networking sites.

TIP to use tips to insert links on story effectively

Many of you mistakenly think that you can only insert the link to another website. And this is for product promotion only. However, in fact, this is completely wrong thinking.

With this method, you can insert any link you want, even the link of another Instagram post. So to use this method effectively you need to have certain principles.

First, you need to base on the number of simultaneous posts on Instagram stories. For example, if you need to post 2-3 stories, you don’t need to insert links on all posts. This helps your audience receive the information in a more focused way.

Besides, you need to know that the links you insert are appropriate for the shared content. This adds to the fun and excitement of your followers. They will even find a way to download this instagram story video to watch again when needed.

Promote your brand by inserting links on story

In addition to the daily posts on your personal page, you can choose this method of inserting this link to promote your brand.

Sharing information about posts cannot guarantee 100% access to followers. So you can share by linking articles to your story. This approach helps viewers receive information more widely.

At the same time, you can also easily create a fun and comfortable atmosphere on story. With music, colors and GIFs you can do it all.

A lively story will make viewers want to download that instagram story video. So you have succeeded in sharing and promoting to your community.

The easiest way to download Instagram story videos is the leading tool to help you download story IG today. You just need to copy the link of your favorite story, then visit

Tools SnapInsta

Next, paste the copied link into the text box and click download to complete the download. In this simple way, you will own any story you want with the best quality. The tool is completely free and you can use it on any device.


Inserting links into an Instagram story is not as difficult as you think, right? Hopefully, the above information will help you know more tips to promote the product.

Make the most of the great features that instagram brings. Along with that, you can download Instagram story videos to keep longer. Good luck.

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