Software You Need to Run Online Business

Running an online business isn’t an easy task. It is both energy and time-consuming and often very stressful. However, there are some software tools that can help you organize everything and make things easier for you. Regardless if you are already running one or you are about to start, you will definitely need some tools to grow your business. So, stick around, keep reading and find out which are the best tools that can help you run your online business.

Project Management and Organization

The most important thing in every business is organization. It is just impossible to keep everything in your head and do everything by yourself. Sooner or later, you will need a tool to organize the workload. Let’s imagine you are running an online gaming PUBG mobile blog, and it got too big for you to handle. You will need to hire some writers and editors to help you with it. The top 3 tools that can help you do just that are Asana, Trello, and Basecamp. 

Asana is an online tool in which you can invite all the employees and share workspaces with them. In addition to that, you can create tasks with clear instructions and deadlines and assign them to yourself or your work colleagues. This way, you will know exactly who is responsible for what and which tasks are overdue or completed. You can also add certain tags, in our example, PUBG mobile tags like PUBG Mobile news, PUBG Mobile tournaments, PUBG Mobile betting, and PUBG Mobile updates. The tag will automatically add that task to the appropriate category, and your editors will know where and how to publish that. 

If you own the workspace, you will have access to reporting tools and portfolios where you can see each task’s progress and how well your employees are performing on a daily basis. The best thing about Asana is that you can connect it to other apps such as time tracking and communication tools.

Trello is similar to Asana, a big project management board with different tasks, each of them being assigned to a certain individual. There are also different tools you can connect to it, so they are pretty similar; it is only a matter of preference. 

Basecamp is an affordable version of project management software. Even though it is a little bit more complicated to use than Asana and Trello, it is a decent tool for web application development companies and website owners. 

Time Tracking

In addition to project management, you will also need to somehow track the time of your employees. Our recommendations are Timecamp and Harvest. 

Both of them can be easily connected to Asana, Trello, and Basecamp. This way, you will know exactly how much time your employees spent on every project or even on a certain task within a project.  

Both software are great, and it mostly depends on what kind of boss you want to be. For instance, Harvest does not take screenshots of your employees, so they will be more relaxed. On the other side, Timecamp does just that, and it may affect the mood within the company and make your employees less happy.  


You can use different communication tools such as Telegram, Skype, Zoom, or any other tool, but when it comes to business, there is only one clear winner, which is Slack. Slack is a specifically made communication tool strictly for business. You can create different channels for every team and pin important messages that contain important information so everyone can see them at any time without having to scroll. There are both free and paid versions, so you should definitely try it.  

Invoicing and Billing Software

Last but not least is the invoicing software. You need to have a way to invoice your clients so they can pay with their desired payment method. Our recommendations for invoicing are Xolo and Zoho. Zoho can be integrated with project management tools and time tracking tools so you can track projects and billable hours directly from the software. This way, you can send your clients estimates during the project and create custom invoices when it is finished. The software is free, but you will have to pay the transaction fee for every invoice. 

Xolo is a simpler version of Zoho. With Xolo, you will get a business bank account, automated VAT calculator, and real-time business dashboard. Whenever you send an invoice to your client, they can choose between different payment methods and pay with it. For example, if they choose PayPal, the money will go directly to your business bank account regardless of the payment method they chose.  

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