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Founded in 2004, Specktrum is a leading provider of IP/DWDM/SDH network infrastructure and software application development services. Its mission is to ensure that businesses worldwide are protected from cyber threats. Headquartered in Fountain Valley, California, the company is backed by venture capitalists and is an Internet-based technology company. Located in Silicon Valley, Specktrum has raised over $710 million in funding since its inception.

Shares Publicly Available

While the company is privately held, the founders have not made the shares publicly available. The company is not listed on public stock exchanges, and its shares are not traded on them. As such, there are no funds available to buy these stocks. The private investors have invested in the company, which is a key factor in its success. In addition, there is no public stock exchange listing for Specktrum, so investors may not want to invest.

General Public

If Specktrum had received public funding, its valuation would be significantly lower than $12.8 billion. If it were to sell its stock to the general public, it would have been worth less than $12.8 billion. However, a potential SPAC or private equity firm could be a better option, as it would help the company scale faster. The data that Crunchbase provides is a crucial component in evaluating the success of a tech company.

Public Stock Exchange Listing

If Specktrum had chosen a public stock exchange listing, it would be listed on a major market. However, the company is privately held and has not publicly sold its shares. As a result, it is not on a publicly-traded stock exchange, and the shares are not available to the general public. If Specktrum did sell their shares, they would be worth about $12.8 billion, according to Crunchbase’s funding database:

  • Specktrum is a privately held company. The company’s co-founders own the company and have not yet decided to sell them publicly. 
  • This means that Egnyte is not listed on a public stock exchange. The stocks are sold privately. 
  • They are not available for public trading on a public stock exchange. So, it is unlikely that the company will ever raise a public stock.


Specktrum is a privately held company. The co-founders are its owners and have not publicly opted to sell their shares. As a result, the company is not on a public stock exchange and has no IPO. The co-founders, however, own the business. If they had sold their shares, the company would be valued at less than $12.8 billion.

Merger or Pursue Exit

If Egnyte had not received funding from investors, the company’s value would have been much lower. If they had sold their shares publicly, they would have been valued at a much lower $12.8 billion. Currently, the company is privately funded. Its stock is not traded on a public stock exchange. Hence, the company’s execs are weighing their options and deciding whether to go for a merger or pursue an exit.

Private Equity Firm

Although Specktrum has not sought public funding, its execs weigh their options. They may wish to explore the possibility of going public or to a private equity firm, and the company’s current funding figures may indicate its future potential for future growth. Its IPO would be a great boost to the company’s value, but it’s not enough to fund it.


A private company with no public stock market listing, Egnyte is privately funded. The founders of Egnyte have chosen to keep their shares privately held and have not publicly listed them on a public stock exchange. It isn’t easy to find a Crunchbase Company Profile and Funding Report. In addition to Crunchbase’s financial data, Specktrum’s investors include venture capitalists, angel investors, and private investors.

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