Square Round Glasses and Stylist Asymmetrical Hairstyles

Whether you have a heart-shaped face or a rectangular one, you can easily pull off the look with sunglasses in a cat-eye style. These stylish frames look particularly stylish against women with jet-black hair. If you are a glass wearer, you can also learn how to style your hair with your square circle glasses. The following are some styling tips that will help you to look your best while wearing glasses.

Heart-Shaped Face

If you have a heart-shaped face, the best glasses to wear will accentuate your features. This type of face is known for its wide forehead, slanting cheeks, and narrow jawline. While this shape may not be very attractive, you can choose the right glasses to balance out your features. You can find the right sunglasses for your heart-shaped face easily. Read on to discover more tips on how to choose the best glasses for your face shape.

Best Sunglasses Styles

Heart-shaped faces are generally versatile when it comes to choosing the best square circle glasses styles. They look great with most styles, but some styles can make your jaw look wider. You can get a few inspirations from celebrities who have similar facial shapes. Aviators and cat-eye sunglasses are two styles that suit women with heart-shaped faces best. And because these styles are typically top-heavy, they balance your face shape and give you an overall more proportionate look.

Black Square Round Sunglasses 

A pair of black square round sunglasses can enhance any outfit. Whether you’re wearing a black or very dark hombre hair color, these stylish glasses will go with the rest of your ensemble. In fact, they look fantastic against any color of hair, including jet-black or very dark. These stylish glasses are not only.

First, make sure you match your frame color to your hair and eye color. Black is the most flattering colour against black hair, but dark frames may not look good with it. For women with blonde hair, opt for a more neutral shade such as brown or light green. You can also go for frames in complementary colours, such as grey or brown. Once you’ve found the perfect shade of frames for your hair color, you can start thinking about your wardrobe.

How to Trim Square Round Glasses?

Asymmetrical, rounded square glasses are the new fashion stars. This stylish look will not only flatter you but also improve your appearance. Here are some tips to get the perfect shape for you. First of all, you should choose a style that will fit your face shape. If you are a short woman, a choppy piecey lob will look flattering. This style will soften your strong chin and highlight your high cheekbones. If you are a woman who likes short hairstyles, you should consider an asymmetrical bob with side bangs. You can also add a face-framing swoop on the side to accentuate your cheek bones.

Rectangular Frames

A classic, sleek bob can work beautifully with a pair of rectangular frames. Brash bangs can draw attention away from the glasses. A ponytail can also balance out aviator shaped glasses. Hairstyles with lots of layers can add volume. Short hair can balance out a round frame, while curly styles compliment square and rectangular frames. Here are three hairstyles that will look great with glasses and flatter your face.

Final Thoughts:

A classic bob can also work perfectly with glasses. The hairstyle doesn’t require much maintenance and can accentuate your features while adjusting to your specs. To achieve this look, you can add bangs to your hair or add a touch of hair mousse for volume. Make sure to leave a few strands out for added interest. Long locks in the front can also soften a square face.


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