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Stand Out From The Crowd With Gorgeous Diamond Jhumkas

Jhumkas are a style of earring worn by women of the Indian subcontinent. The Kharanpool jhumka evolved into a single jewel under the Mughal Empire and later as a part of temple jewellery. However, these timeless earrings continue to enjoy popularity in contemporary Indian culture with natural diamond and gemstone variants. The jhumka, also known as jhumki, have maintained their status throughout history as coveted earrings that are an essential part of a woman’s jewellery collection and make a distinct style statement. The understated elegance of jhumkas resplendent with diamonds can enhance the look and win instant compliments. Designed with exquisite craftsmanship, the latest diamond jhumkas designs display innovative styles and versatility, ideal for a modern jewellery enthusiast.

Diamond jhumkas may have rich enamel work complete with tiny pearl embellishments that will surely accessorize any outfit elegantly. The sparkling effect of the high-quality stones in diamond jhumkas is ideally suited for grand occasions like weddings or any other festivities.

What are diamond jhumkas?

It’s hard to ignore the shimmer of the precious stone embellishments of diamond jhumkas that redefine your taste in jewellery. The handsome detail work on the conical, circular, or church bell shapes can lend a unique touch of glamour and ornamental value to any ethnic ensemble. Find exclusive variants of different styles of diamond jhumkas here! 

Styles of diamond jhumkas

Diamond jhumkas have both age-old and contemporary variations that are perfect to team with designer costumes. Here are some of the most popular styles that are perfect for elevating the glossy feminine shine in you.


  1. The Latticed Lace Diamond Jhumkas 

Studded with diamonds, this pair of jhumkas showcase a fine webbing of charming geometric lace patterns.

  1. Multi-Style Jhumkas

Detachable multi-use diamond jhumkas can be a combination of peacock and mango-themed designs that you can use in different ways.


  1. Dual-Layered Diamond Jhumkas

Dazzle with these eye-catching diamonds and pearl two-layered Jhumkas.


  1. Triple Layered Diamond Jhumkas

Celebrate opulence with triple-layered diamond jhumkas that add a unique touch of shine to your bridal outfit.

  1. Filigree Cluster Diamond Jhumkas

Made with finesse and precision, the intricate pattern of this pair of jhumkas looks incredibly alluring.

  1. Dome-shaped Jhumkas

Nothing can ever let the vintage charm of dome-shaped diamond jhumkas fade away.

Choosing a reputable jeweller, asking for diamond certification, knowing the cut, colour, clarity, and carat of the diamonds used is very important before buying your diamond jhumkas. Whether designed with textured detail or mesmerizing minimalism, diamond jhumkas make one of the most precious gifts of a lifetime.

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