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steps to buy custom made shampoo for your hair

Your hair is becoming dull and damaged. It looks lifeless and tangled all the time. You have already spent a good amount to buy product after product. But there is no change in the story. 

Does the above scenario look familiar? 

Are you fed up with hair care? Feeling like there is no perfect product for your hair?

We know how annoying it feels when you miss your good hair days but nothing can bring that back to you. You are unique and your hair too, so why not try a personalized shampoo that is meant only for you? Yes! Got the idea. 

There are companies who understand your needs fully and design a perfect formula that transform your hair from rough to smooth. Even if you are dealing with issues like dandruff, extreme hair fall, dryness, still they have a solution for you. So what are you thinking about? A proper guide? 

Let’s go ahead and know what exact steps you should follow to buy a custom-made shampoo for your trees. 

Answer the quiz 

Experts need to know your exact problem and expectation. They will ask you a few questions like – how frequently do you wash your hair? What kind of hair products do you use ? Is your hair chemically treated or not? How much hair fall do you experience on a daily basis? Your diet chart? Fitness regime?  your location, water hardness, if you have an allergy to certain ingredients, and so on.

They have prepared this questionnaire to understand the requirement and your lifestyle. once you give the answer they will analyze them and find out the root cause behind the problem. 

Choose a good brand and fill the forms correctly. Their team will provide you a free consultation before making the right product for you.

Design your special shampoo

 After analyzing the facts and depending on your goal, their expert team will prepare the right mix for your hair. They might suggest shampoo containing moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, or argan oil for dry hair issues. For color protection or oily hair problem, they will suggest some other ingredients that add life to your hair. Make sure all the personalized shampoo is made from natural ingredients and free from harsh chemicals.   Their freshly made customize product should be able to tame your frizzy hair. Talk to their expert and discuss what are the ingredients they are going to use for your custom-made shampoo. Ask them to mention those on the label.

 Be consistent 

 No miracle can solve your hair-related issue overnight. You need to use the product as recommended and show patience to see the result. If you feel the recipe needs an improvement, communicate with them and request an improved formula. They will refine it and tweak it as per your need. 


The price of custom-made shampoo goes a little higher than normal drug store products. As they use special ingredients and prepare small batches without any preservatives it takes a lot of effort. You should not be compromised with the quality. 

To avoid excessive expense join their subscription plan and request them to send the product at regular intervals. Join for a long time for saving a chunk of many. Often they give offer that reduces delivery charges too. 

 Wrapping up 

 The most exciting part of buying a custom-made shampoo is that it focuses on your particular problem. You may live in cold or hot weather, depending on that you can prepare the mix.

Choose the right brand that has earned goodwill in the market for its awesome products. Read the review and feedback to stay on the right track.

Communicate with an expert and talk about your problem. Fill the forms and wait for the perfect recipe for your hair. As they have prepared with ingredients that are just right for you, chances are there your problem will vanish soon. So, don’t delay, give your trees the right food to grow! 

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