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Stoggles – Low Profile Eyewear For Comfort and Safety

Stoggles are low profile eyewear that are impact resistant. They feature polarised lenses and are available with prescription lenses. They can also help prevent eye watering while performing DIY projects, gardening, or cooking. These benefits have driven Stoggles to continue investing in R&D and expanding into new categories.

Stoggles are low-profile eyewear

Stoggles are low-profile eyewear designed for comfort and safety. They are made of polycarbonate, a lightweight, shatter-resistant material. They have lenses that block 100% of blue light and provide 100% UV protection. They are lightweight at 18 grams, and are customizable for prescription lenses. They are also available in various colors and styles.

Stoggles are available in a wide variety of colors, and with different lens options. You can purchase lenses for indoor and outdoor use or choose near or far-sighted lenses. The standard lenses feature an anti-fog coating to reduce eye strain and are UV-blocking. They are also certified by ANSI Z87.1. You can also purchase prescription lenses for a fee starting at $75.

Stoggles also provide glare-reduction and UV protection. They have UV filters that reduce pupil constriction and eye strain, and can also enhance performance on the jobsite or playground. The lenses are also designed to adjust to the amount of sunlight available throughout the day. The lenses are tested and certified according to ANSI Z87.1 for impact, chemical, and radiation resistance, as well as shield coverage.

Another feature of Stoggles is their anti-fog coating. While it’s not 100% effective, it helps the lenses last longer than competitors. It is currently developing a more durable anti-fog coating.

They are impact-resistant

The impact-resistant properties of stoggles are crucial in a number of different situations, including high-risk environments. In addition to protecting your eyes from flying glass, stoggles are also designed to blend seamlessly with your existing eyewear. This eliminates the need to wear two pairs of eyewear, which can be a hassle for some people. Additionally, stoggles are more affordable than similar products.

Another important benefit of stoggles is their stylish appearance. They have an ANSI-certified Z87.1 marking, which means they’ve passed a rigorous impact test. They also feature anti-fog and blue light-protecting technologies. For a stylish look, consider buying a pair of stoggles with UV-blocking lenses.

Stoggles come in two basic shapes and several colors. There are also miniature versions for children. Each style is made to fit various types of faces, including those with smaller skulls. The sizes are adjustable and can be changed with ease, without damaging the frames. Moreover, the stoggles can be shipped in as little as one day.

Stoggles are made from Polycarbonate, a material that’s lightweight and shatterproof. Plus, the lenses are 100% UV-protectant. Unlike many glasses, stoggles are also compatible with corrective prescription eyewear. They cost $39 and come with an elegant box, a sturdy carrying case, and microfiber cleaning sleeve.

They have polarised lenses

Stoggles have polarised lenses that reduce eye strain and constriction by filtering high-energy visible blue light. They also adjust to the amount of light that you are exposed to throughout the day. They are certified by the American National Standards Institution and OSHA and come with an anti-fog coating. Their classic, yet distinctive design makes them an ideal choice for outdoor activities.

Stoggles are available in a range of colors and have interchangeable lenses for both near and far-sighted users. ANSI-certified, they also feature an anti-fog coating and can even be fitted with prescription lenses. These lenses can help prevent dry eyes as well.

Stoggles have a classic square silhouette that is cool and always fashionable. Their anatomically-shaped temples accommodate a wide range of face shapes, making them ideal for children and younger adults with smaller heads. The medium-sized frame is 135mm wide with a lens width of 50mm and a bridge width of 19mm.

These safety glasses come with polarized lenses to reduce glare from bright lights and reflected light from water and glass. They are also resistant to scratching, and their UV protective coating prevents damage to the lenses.

They are available with prescription lenses

The name Stoggles refers to a pair of safety glasses with prescription lenses, which are now available for purchase online. Founded in Pasadena, the company’s name is a playful combination of the words “safety” and “stoggle.” The Stoggles line offers prescription lenses and bifocals, as well as prescription-friendly bifocals.

The polycarbonate frame is lightweight and flexible and is impact and drop-resistant. It also offers 100% UV protection. The lenses come in single or progressive vision. You can also opt for no-line bifocal lenses, which correct near and far vision. The lenses are also made from scratch-resistant material and have anti-fog coating. The stoggles are made to look stylish and classic.

In August 2020, Stoggles began a successful crowdfunding campaign and an e-commerce website, which saw phenomenal growth last year. The protective eyewear market is expected to grow to $3.1 billion by 2026. Other companies are also aiming to make glasses more fashionable. Warby Parker, for example, made their public debut in September.

Stoggles have impact-resistant polycarbonate frames and weigh 18 grams. Their anatomical temple design makes them comfortable to wear all day long. They are available in a variety of styles and colours. The company offers free shipping and 24-month warranty and friendly customer service.

They are designed to fit a variety of face shapes

Stoggles are flexible and can be customized to fit a variety of faces. They have impact-resistant lenses and are projectile-resistant. They also carry the Z87.1 marking, indicating that they are protective eyewear. They feature shields that cover the temples of the head and prevent debris from splattering into the sides.

The lenses of Stoggles block high-energy visible blue light while allowing other light wavelengths to pass through. This helps reduce pupil constriction and eye strain. The lens also adapts to the amount of sunlight available at any given time. They are certified by ANSI Z87.1 for chemical and radiation resistance and impact resistance. Stoggles are available with square or round frames and can be customized with prescription lenses for an additional $75.

Stoggles come in a variety of styles and colors. You can purchase a pair that best matches your style and personality. Some brands have mini versions for children. There are also stoggles designed to fit a variety of face shapes.

They come in two basic shapes

Stoggles are a great way to protect your eyes and improve your safety. They come in a variety of colors and are available in near-sighted and far-sighted options. Many models feature anti-fog coating, which reduces eye strain, as well as a blue light filter. Additionally, the lenses are ANSI-Z87.1-certified for impact, chemical, and radiation resistance.

Stoggles are a versatile pair of glasses that can be used for leisure or office purposes. They are available in a variety of colors, including Transparent Yellow or Transparent Blue. In addition to standard lenses, Stoggles have a light-responsive option so that you can turn them into sunglasses with just one click. They are also available with prescription lenses for those who need them.

Stoggles are made from polycarbonate, a lightweight, impact-resistant material. They offer 100% UV protection and excellent optical clarity. The glasses are compatible with prescription eyewear, so you won’t have to worry about blurring or glare. They also don’t fog and have an anatomical temple design that is comfortable to wear.

Stoggles have built-in shields that protect the eyes from debris. These glasses have a high level of impact protection and also feature blue-light-blocking filters for added protection. As a bonus, they come with a Z87.1 certification, indicating they are protective eyewear.

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