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Super cute looks with Platinum Blonde Hairstyles


A platinum blonde is a hairstyle that one can get by either visiting a hairstylist or doing it yourself at home. It is not a fixed hairstyle because one can get it by simply bleaching their hair using different colors to create the desired shade of color. This is a hairstyle that requires a lot of patience as you have to allow the different colors to blend in properly.

However, bleaching your hair too many times without allowing each color to blend cannot give you the best results. After some time, the color needs to be repeated so that your hair remains healthy and gorgeous. The following are some of the platinum blonde styles you can try out;


  • Messy Wave Bun

If you want are more modern and customized look, then make a messy bun combination out of your hair. This ensures that your hair waves are highlighted at the same time increasing your hair volume while still staying natural.

  • One-Eyed Grey Platinum Blonde

This hairstyle best suits you when you have shoulder-length hair. The waves are then evenly distributed such that they partially cover one eye. Dye your hair using a faded grey hue and then rock this hairstyle effortlessly.

  • Rubber Band Hair Curls

This hairstyle helps you to bring out the innovative skills in you. The hair is wrapped up in a creative way such that it creates a ponytail as well as holding itself into position like a band. The other hair that falls beneath it does not require additional wrapping as it is already being held by the wrapped hair strands.

  • Loose Waves Platinum Blonde

This hairstyle requires your hair to be already double braided or twisted at the sides. The braided hair is wrapped over the rest of the hair and tied at the back of the head. This style is best for a casual occasion and is very easy to style.

  • Straight and Silky Platinum Blonde

Make your hair straight or use your naturally straight hair to rock this platinum blonde. Comb the hair on the face towards the side to make a perfect side sweep. Use a light blonde color to get a simple and casual look.

  • A Splash of Color Platinum Blonde

Just like the name suggests, a splash of a different color is given to the hair and mixed to give you a unique approach to blonde hairstyles. The color-splashed on the hair should give you a soft and cool appearance as well as stay as natural as possible.

  • White Blonde Braids

Braids are usually a simple addition to a hairstyle. Do not braid all of your hair but make a perfect combination with your natural hair. The white and black braids are perfectly laid on top of the hair so that the hairstyle remains simple and elegant. However, you would want to opt for white braids if you can maintain them. Definitely, this isn’t a hairstyle for casuals.

  • Soft Ombre Waves

This is a perfect way to elevate your look without necessarily adding any extra styling. Bleach your hair to get a soft color and make waves at the edges of your hair. The curls are essential in highlighting the different tones of color used in the hair layers.

  • Ash-Blonde with Silver Undertones

To get the ash tone, different gray color tones are used, and the addition of the platinum classic white color. This hair color blends well with any skin tone and the shiny silver undertones give you an elegant finishing.

  • Dimensional Platinum Highlights

This is a combination of darker color tones underneath and bright color tones at the top giving different color highlights. No matter the style chosen be it straight, curly, or wavy, the dimensions created are always visible and the effects of the color are the same.

  • High Fashion Light Platinum

Straight hair is an elegant choice to rock this platinum blonde. The addition of layers to the straight hair helps to create dimensions in the view of the tone. Straight hair also helps to perfectly highlight the different colors that are blended in the hair.

Source: How to Bleach Your Hair Platinum Blonde


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