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Technical skills for digital marketing

Marketers with agile digital skills are in high demand all over the world. 

With every corporations implementing digital marketing practices and hiring digital marketing professionals, how would you as a Digital Marketer set yourself apart from your competitors 

In this article, we will be looking at some of the technical skills you need to acquire in digital marketing. 

Technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Technical SEO is primarily about keeping the website up and running behind the scenes. 

It all comes down to making the site mobile-friendly, implementing SSL, and addressing duplicate content issues. 

Marketers must also understand how to optimize a website by building XML sitemaps. 

Pay-Per-Click Advertising 

PPC (Pay Per Click) in the context of digital marketing as a whole must be thoroughly understood. 

You must be both analytical and mathematically minded. 

If you want to better your PPC campaigns, you will need to know how to handle figures and statistics. 

And you will need to work with data to get better insights. It is much easier to do this if you know how to use Excel (for example, Pivot tables and functions). 

Pro tip – Use of email address lookup tools 

For technical marketers, harnessing the power of smart tools is a must-have ability. and other email address lookup services can assist you in locating anyone’s email address. The artificial intelligence process drives the operation of this tool. 


You can be a lot more effective at your digital marketing job if you have some basic skills in front end development.  

This is true especially when you work in a small team or at a young company.  

If you are familiar with HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), you will be able to organize and style emails and more.  

Even if your organization employs a front-end developer, if you are able to make modifications independently, you will avoid becoming bottlenecked while waiting for the tech team to find time for your project.  

As a result, you will be able to work more quickly and effectively. No longer will you have to wait for a developer to incorporate a sign-up button or any other CTA (call to action) to your email template. 

Basic Design Principles  

The appearance and feel of a website or email can indicate to a reader whether the product is appropriate for them.  

And a website that is simple to use and has a good UX (or user experience) can increase trust and sales.  

As a result, if you want to thrive in digital marketing, you should brush up on your design skills.  

Understanding the fundamentals of good design will help you go a long way, but you do not need to be an expert in the field.  

Thus, while collaborating with or recruiting designers, you will understand how to communicate with them, what to request, and how to evaluate their work. 

CRM and Marketing Automation 

Building a system that brings in new clients and keeps them coming back is essential for a successful marketing campaign.  

This may be achieved via a variety of channels, including social media platform posts, website blog posts, emails, pop-up forms, and even podcasts.  

None of these channels operate alone and you must maintain synchronisation across them all. 

Why do we need marketing automation, after all?  

Well, it is required to ensure that everything runs properly.  

Automation software allows you to set up workflows and if/then situations for your marketing campaigns.  

When someone subscribes to your email list, for example, they receive a welcome email and are added to a mailing list.. This entails automation. 

Concluding thoughts 

You can set yourself apart from the competition in the job market if you have experience in digital marketing.  

Bear in mind that technology advances, algorithms shifts, and new social media sites emerge on a regular basis.  

Keep your technical abilities strong to stay abreast in the field of marketing. To start with, you can acquire knowledge in the skills discussed in this article


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