Technology That Helps You Travel

Technology has made our lives easier. You can shop, order food, and make dinner reservations in just a few taps on your phone.

The travel sector has also managed to incorporate a few advances in technology. You can book a hotel room, sightseeing tour, flights, and other travelling activities from your mobile device. You can plan your whole trip on your phone.

Travel technology assists travel agencies in booking trips for their clients, booking airline tickets, car rentals, accommodation, and other travel-related services. Using technology to plan trips has resulted in travel technology.

Computerised Reservation Systems provide travel agencies and their airline partners with real-time information; therefore, they handle anything travel-related in a few minutes. Travel technology payments, bookings, and back-office tasks for travel agencies allow clients to make online bookings without a travel agency.

Below are some travel technologies that make your travelling easier.

Travel Buddy

You can have a completely hassle-free trip with your travel buddy. The travel buddy here is your smartphone. It can keep you busy during the journey before getting to your destination. It can also serve as a tour guide. 

You can also use your phone to get updates regarding your flights, find your way around your destination, checking in and out of hotel rooms. It can also be your compass since it instantly identifies nearby museums, cafes, restaurants, zoos, and anything else that you might need. 

With voice search and virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana, you can make your trip easier and more thrilling. Some hotel rooms are fitted with voice recognition devices that you can use to control the lighting and heating of the room and acquire travel information in the absence of the hotel staff. 

Chatbots and AI

Many hotels and travel agencies utilise AI-powered solutions to provide a personalised experience to clients. One of these AI-powered solutions is chatbots. Chatbots offer 24/7 customer support, make bookings, process payments, answer frequently asked questions instantly, and hold intelligent human-like conversations. 

Chatbots are also used in Mobile UK to answer any question that you may have about betting. You do not have to worry about not reaching the customer services from your betting platform if you have travelled out of the country.

AI also gives insights into the customer’s behaviour, interests, preferences regarding the hotel amenities, travel destination, car rental companies, airlines, pricing, and so much more. With the insights, hotels and travel agencies can send or display generous offers for their clients.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality  

Virtual Reality transports you to other places virtually. You can look at the hotel rooms through Virtual Reality before booking a room. You can also visit a restaurant before making dinner reservations.

Through VR, you can teleport yourself to any destination of your choice. You can visit The Louvre, Cross the Grand Canyon, enjoy Mount Everest’s view, and stand on Times Square.

Through AR, you can take a look at aeroplanes. By taking a sneak peek of the aircraft, you can carry the right luggage size, schedule accessible public transport, beat language barriers, and so much more. Augmented Reality also lets you tour hotel rooms and engage in other hotel facilities.


Robots are an exciting travel technology that makes things easier. Hotels are giving robots concierge-like roles. They say hello to the guests when they arrive and provide them with information. Some are also trained to help carry the guests’ luggage and help clean. 

In airports, robots can reveal concealed weapons, and there can be robot cases that take your luggage and follow you intelligently. Robots can also help in food preparation and food services in restaurants. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things helps in streamlining and personalising your travel experience. Hotels that have incorporated IoT in their hotels allow guests to control some internet-enabled devices with their smartphones. These devices send and receive data. Guests can control the lights, TVs, air conditioning, and thermostats.

In airports, sensors could be installed in the luggage cases to notify passengers when they pass by. 

Recognition Technology

This growing travel technology involves face recognition, fingerprints, retina screening, and other biometric identifiers. This type of technology is being used to access hotel rooms that offer contactless room check-outs. Customers will be required to walk through an exit as a way of paying for their meals.


Technology has made travelling easier and planning trips take less time than before. You can plan your trip in a few minutes and have your trip schedule in the palm of your hands while using your phone as your perfect travelling buddy. 


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