The 8 Best Holiday Emails of 2021

Online shopping during the holidays has seen massive growth. Naturally, the competition in the subscriber’s inbox also increased significantly. In 2021, brands stepped up to the challenge and created some truly unique email templates. Here are 8-holiday business email samples from 2021 to inspire you. 

Examples of holiday email templates

  • Halloween 

Halloween is a big event for online retailers. Last year, it was estimated that Americans would spend over $10 billion during Halloween week. It becomes the duty of email marketers to use innovative and attractive campaigns to divert a chunk of that revenue towards your company. Brands prefer to use a Halloween color palette in the design of their emails. They also enter illustrations, GIFs, and animations as long as they are relevant to this occasion. 

Sperry uses an impressive Halloween email template. The email is titled ‘Halloween Treats’ so the readers know exactly what to expect while going through the email. They have used an image of their product as the base and then superimposed the illustration of Dracula cape on it. Furthermore, they have added a small animation that switches between two colors. And, to end it all on a high note, they have provided the reader with an additional discount coupon along with their regular discount. 

Regardless of the nature of your business, you can always use an effective Halloween campaign to draw sales. Nexbelt uses this opportunity to market its product. They have used a scary image of jack-o-lanterns in the backdrop of a graveyard. The email copy wishes the reader and gently reminds them about the benefits of getting a belt from them. Following which they have used an illustration of a ghost to separate the paragraphs. The white CTA button also stands out in the black background of the email.

  • Thanksgiving

Over 95 million emails are sent on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is an occasion when some eCommerce brands offer discounts to show appreciation for their loyal customer while others use a simple email copy to thank their subscribers for their support. Orange and red are the predominant colors of this holiday. 

Vitamix sends an easy pumpkin recipe to their subscribers to try on Thanksgiving day. They have used a splash of orange in their background. They have included all the necessary ingredients for the dish, but not the steps. This creates a sense of curiosity that compels the reader to click on the CTA button that redirects them to Vitamix’s website. 

Luna Magic used a quintessential customer appreciation email to thank their customers for their trust and support. The email copy is written on an orange background. The hero image consists of multiple pictures that show the journey of the company’s founders. 

  • Black Friday

While Black Friday is not officially a holiday, some places, like California, treat it as one. But, this day is one of the most anticipated days of the year for both companies and customers alike. Companies look forward to generating massive revenues during a single day’s sale, and customers get to enjoy huge discounts on their favorite products. In 2021, the total revenue that companies generated on this day was around $9 billion.

Using a Black Friday countdown timer is one of the go-to email marketing tactics for brands. Universal Store has done the same. They used a countdown timer to indicate the end of the Black Friday sale. This creates a sense of urgency amongst the readers and urges them to take immediate action. They have used a GIF countdown timer that loops after a few minutes. 

BooHoo uses a spectacular email template design for their black Friday email campaign. Instead of opting for a monochromatic design, they went with the vibrant neon theme. The custom fonts are retouched to give that extra shine to them. They have displayed images of models wearing BooHoo products along with the discounts that are available. 

  • Christmas

The revenue generated by the customers during the Christmas season always overshadows that of other holidays. Last year, it was forecasted that Christmas retail sales would generate over $840 billion. Commonly, you will notice brands using illustrations and animations of reindeers, Santa, snow, and a Christmas tree in their Christmas business email samples. In addition to that, you will notice the colors red, white, and green being used generously in these templates. 

Momofuku uses its Christmas email campaign to promote its food line-up. They have displayed all their products in an image and have superimposed Christmas elements and illustrations, like the Christmas tree and gingerbread cookie on top of it. The red CTA also stands out in the white background. Below that, they have added multiple other CTA buttons that will take you directly to that particular product’s page. 

Udyan tea uses a creative illustration in its Christmas email campaign. In the illustration of the Christmas tree, they have replaced the ball ornament with the color of their tea. The illustrative tree also contains the other aspects of Christmas such as gifts, gingerbread, and candy canes. Udyaan Tea also includes a special discount code for its subscribers.


On normal days, you are often competing with competitors from your industry. However, during the holidays, you are competing with brands from all the segments. During such crucial times, getting the customer to open your email is winning half the battle. We hope these examples inspire you to create campaigns that grab eyeballs.

Author: Kevin George is the head of marketing at Email Uplers, that specializes in crafting Professional Email Templates, PSD to Email conversion, and Mailchimp Templates. Kevin loves gadgets, bikes & jazz, and he breathes email marketing. He enjoys sharing his insights and thoughts on email marketing best practices on email marketing blog.


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