The ABC of Building a Digital Presence With Material UI Themes from TemplateMonster

As material design guidelines appeared in 2014, it soon became the signature UI of Google websites and app-based services. While material UI themes offer the website world much, finding the best one is no small feat. A think skin helps and the understanding of its deep design principles.

They are:

  • Both for designers and developers
  • Cross-platform (web, Android, iOS)
  • Saves time

With social engagement that skyrocketed, creating content that is even easier to consume has become a priority. Guess how much time we eat up daily for websites and mobile applications? 6.5 hours. That’s how much screen time we access the internet across desktop and mobile devices. Modern users are quite spoilt with the choice today. That’s why brands need to ensure the new look and feel of their website and app makes the content easy to share and consume.

In 2019, over 4.41 million iOS and Android apps were available for download. As Statista forecasts, 184 billion apps will be downloaded by 2024. And what about the websites’ numbers? As of Jan 14, 2022, over 1.92 billion websites are currently online. As the number of smartphone users grows, expect the number of apps globally to soar.

So, as you see, the crowd online is only getting bigger, so the competition is. Want to take care of the visual aspects of your content funnel for the best possible results? Then think about why would you use Material UI themes? There are different reasons for that. Some most common are:

  • You are not good at CSS, or you’re not a fan of it
  • CSS from scratch takes time and a lot
  • You need to do it quickly, better for yesterday
  • Web design is not your cup of coffee
  • Your answer…

Material UI Themes and Why Use Those?

The design process of a website or app can be messy and monotonous. And sure, not all of us are technically minded to get your web project off the ground perfectly right off the bat. And the best you want is to reduce the propensity for error and create a product that works efficiently.

So, here’s a quick overview of what you can expect to get from Material UI themes. Since thousands of first-class products are on the TemplateMonster marketplace, a little help can’t hurt. Also, you can cover the basics on how to pick the best option and why it will make a difference to the visual appearance of your website.

How Material UI Themes Can Beef Up Your Website

Even with the best product or service in mind, you need to know how to attract or engage your customers. And the best way to do that is to visually represent your brand values, whereas material design can do the heavy lifting for you.  

Add a Fresh Lick of Paint to Your Design

As time goes by, colors might not match the vibrancy and hue of your brand message. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Design trends do not stay still, so your customers’ user experiences change. And to stay tuned to those changes, it’s smart to incorporate material design principles into your website. 

That doesn’t need to be a complete, drastic change. Much better, to tweak the UI palette softer or deeper, adding a fresh lick of paint to your design.  

Material UI themes you’ll find here are clean, are good for the eyes, and use nice animation. Sure, tried and tested by pros, they can work for high-quality projects and be customized. 

Visualize Everything by Using Components 

The amount of material design components is huge. It has everything that you need for creating from simple to complex websites. It has a well-organized structure that falls into different categories, depending on your needs. Button, Checkbox, Floating Action Button, Radio, Slider, the choice of UI components has no end in sight. Also, you can find components for displaying data, such as Text Field, Divider, Icon, List, Typography, etc.

Turn Off the Lights

A new, bold web design trend is emerging–dark mode design. Used by large brands like Apple and Hublot, dark mode will add a modern, elegant touch to any website. There seems to be a shift towards more products that offer a dark mode setting so that you can benefit from it, too.

When an eco-friendly mindset is getting hype, dark mode is a way to showcase how much you care about power-saving. To save time, check how material UI themes better contrast between the background and the UI to reduce eyestrain and make the white text easier to read.

Invisible but Everywhere

The material design guidelines include principles for everything, and the grid system is no exception. Every user interface you see is built with the help of grids. It is important to adjust your grids to different screen sizes in responsive design. For users, that means a journey through well-structured pages that are easy to navigate.

You might want to keep your elements perfectly aligned or organize complex data. But what if you plan to go diagonal, horizontal, or break out the grids? Don’t let the grid limit you. To add even more attention, use animation to add a bit of vivid and eye-catching extra vibe to your design. And the best part is that you can minimize complexity by using a material UI theme that uses the Bootstrap Grid framework.

Add a Lot More Breathing Space

The idea behind using the background color is to distinguish the front and the back layer. Depending on what effect you’re trying to get, you can use bright, contrasting, or bold hues. The key rule here is that there’s no rule for combining colors. If your background color is very light, it’s hard to make UI elements stand out on screen. Too many outlines, in turn, can make your design look visually overcrowded.

The best material UI themes enable you to get creative without jeopardizing quality. Whatever effect you use, make sure it evokes a sense of depth. One thing is sure; you can give your web page a whole new foundational look. For that, it’s better to check your options on the TemplateMonster marketplace.

Quality, Quality, Quality

The last thing you want your website to be perceived as something a user finds off the shelf. Instead, you want every UI element of your website to be consistent and of higher quality. Guess what? Quality is a key benefit of material UI themes. Imagination is the only limit that stands in your way.

Reduce Overhead

No doubt, the most prevalent benefit of using material UI templates for web page creation is the reduction in overhead. Time is a precious asset today. Saving time means saving money, and therefore, when you speed up the design process, you do it right. With a set of Ui kits that include ready-made screens, components, icons, and more, there will be fewer failures in your workflow.

Practice to Cut Down on Visual Sugar

Iconography is a delicate subject. Icons are present in every app and website. Just because icons can be vague, accuracy is key. With material UI themes, you can be sure of the icons you get. While they can add a bit of extra vibe, they beautify your designs. 

Access to Detailed Documentation

Let’s say that is another advantage of premium UI elements. You’ll get everything you need to help you understand, explore, and start using UI elements with no trouble. If you face any problem, contact customer support, and they’ll try their best to help you.

Mix, Change, Measure 

Rather than using a predesigned color palette and typography set, get creative. Try and mix with something other web pages do not use. Poke around your options to create a design that looks fresh and reflects your brand. Then measure the results and change it again, if required. The effective user interface comes from constant testing.

Applying color can be tricky for sure. It’s better to start with black and white. Thus, you can lay the groundwork and return to designing when you’re ready. Also, that will save time. Your goal is to create a design that appears readable and engaging. Also, it needs to be tailored to your audiences’ needs, something they expect to get from you. 

Embrace the Power of Material UI Themes

Although it seems you’ve made a lot of changes, don’t let the fear go pop. The key is to provide the best user experience possible to make a difference in your visual appearance. If you want to get inspired by more examples, visit the TemplateMonster website and give yourself a treat.

Ready to Launch?

If you want your design to stand out, you need to think on your feet. A great user experience is always about what the audience you’re trying to reach wants most. Think of that as your starting point for hitting the ground running. Then only include all the best practices of material design to put yourself in front of the competition. 

If you’re still unsure where to start, give Delites – Online Grocery Dashboard UI Kit a shot. It comes with a huge set of pre-made pages built on the Bootstrap Grid system. Once you’re sure you have chosen the right option, get it, and let your journey begin.

Material UI Themes FAQ

How Do I Know that Material UI Themes Will Be True to My Brand?

It’s more a yes and no question. There’s one rule to remember – material design doesn’t imply a specific style. If you’re unsure, contact our service center and let them help you.

What Is the Difference Between Material Design and Material UI Themes?

The first thing to consider is that Google’s material design is a graphic style. In contrast, material UI themes are UI kits used to create an exciting and intuitive user experience. The key goal is to help you simplify your workflow.

Is There the Best Way to Make My App Look Professional with Material UI Themes?

Material Design is beneficial for applying consistent design across your app and making global design changes with minimal effort. The secret is that there is no magical solution. The best way is to have the best practices in mind and use them for a purpose. You can even break the rules if necessary. And learn in the process when it should or shouldn’t be done. 

Are Material UI Themes Intuitive to Use?

It’s safe to say that material UI elements are sure to be more intuitive to use for most users. Using the material UI themes makes it easy to enhance the overall digital appearance. So, you skip some tricky issues and implement the best practices to your benefit.

What Is the Benefit of Using Material UI Themes for iOS on My App?

It’s all a matter of time. You reduce developer time and create a consistent design system that adopts your branding.



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