The Benefits of Technology for Disabled People

Technology dominates every sector of our existence and there are positives and negatives to its prominence. One of the benefits that has come from advancing technology is the way in which it has helped disabled people. From making accessible spaces to increasing the availability of digital assistance, technology has transformed the lives of so many people for the better.

Previously, the disabled and the elderly had reason to believe that technology was out of their reach. Since then, technology has been flipped on its head to act as an aid for disabled people across the globe. 

Medical Assistance

Consistently advancing technology has meant that medical issues are increasingly becoming easier to assist. Individuals with disabilities often need to be in contact with their healthcare professionals on a regular basis, in which a laptop or smartphone would be incredibly beneficial. This is because connecting with healthcare professionals via email facilitates people with disabilities in reducing their dependence on others. Similarly, most smartphones are equipped with health trackers, which could play a significant role in the monitoring of one’s lifestyle. Having something like this also allows people with disabilities to take charge of their own wellbeing. 

Everyday Tasks

As far as the ease of everyday use is concerned, it can’t be denied that technology has made everyone’s lives significantly easier. This applies to disabled people in the sense that individuals with limited mobility are enabled to shop online, making it easier to order necessities, as well as medication and any other supplies that someone may need. Similarly, those who are partially sighted may be assisted via desktop magnifiers and extendable monitor arms. Furthermore, those with dyslexia can be assisted via software that reads text aloud. Ultimately, advancing technology has made life so much easier for as many as one billion disabled people across the globe.

Smartphone Apps

If you wanted to scroll through every single smartphone app, you wouldn’t prove successful, as there are literally millions out there. With this being said, there are plenty out there that are designed to help people with disabilities. For instance, there are apps out there that remind people to take their medication or make them aware of their next doctor’s appointment. There are others that show every area in the world that is accessible via wheelchair. Some are designed to help partially sighted users use their phone in the same way that an able-bodied person could. Regardless of one’s disability, there’s an app out there to help.

Ergonomic Keyboards

Regardless of someone’s disability status, communication is unequivocally vital. Everyone deserves to feel connected to someone and there are various platforms out there that make this possible. For some people, typing on a traditional keyboard is incredibly difficult, whereas an ergonomic keyboard allows for effortless typing. Thanks to this, users will be able to message their loved ones, carers, and medical professionals with ease. 

Digital Assistants 

Alexa, Google Nest, Siri, Cortana; the list of digital assistants is ever growing, and they’re the perfect addition to someone’s home in order to lighten the workload. Once these assistants have been set up, all the user has to do is say their name to communicate with them. They’re able to provide the user with information, set reminders, make phone calls, and so much more, and all the user needs to do is ask. This makes digital assistants one of the simplest things to adopt. 

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Technology is constantly driving forwards and people with disabilities shouldn’t feel left behind in this mission. When finding the most suitable solutions, technology is sure to have a positive impact on the lives of the disabled. 

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