The Best hat styles to go with your autumn make up

The hat styles are just amazing this season and with autumn comes the best hat styles that you can pair with your autumn make up.  This hat style guide has all your favorite hat styles for an autumn look that is to die for.

As the cooler autumn weather approaches, it’s time to stock up on womens hat styles that will help you look your best. If you’re thinking about getting a new hat, but you don’t know what hat styles would suit your face and other accessories, take a look at some of these suggestions. 

Hat Styles for Oval Faces: 

In contrast with heart shaped faces, ladies with oval face shapes can wear any hat shape they want without worrying about clashing features or making themselves look caricatured. Square brimmed hats are a safe bet as are wide brimmed hat styles which might make an oval face appear more rounded. 

Hat Styles for Long Faces: 

Those who have long narrow mugs opt for hat designs that add width to their face. One hat style that is perfect for providing this effect is the slouchy hat. Although you don’t want a hat that will overwhelm your locks, hats with a wide brim help widen the face especially when they are paired with voluminous hair. 

Hat Styles for Round Faces: 

If your round fat face looks like it’s wearing a hat from almost every single angle then have no fear! There are hat styles out there that will counterbalance any signs of curviness on your chubby facial features. Hats with pointed tops and sharp edges give women with full faces some points of interest and make their heads appear longer than they actually are. Another great hat style for ladies suffering round faces is the fedora hat. This hat is a safe bet for ladies who want hat styles that will not only look fashionable but also bring out their best facial features.

Hat Styles for Square Faces: 

Those with square faces can wear hat styles of any shape, even wide brimmed hat styles because the broadness of the hat brings focus to their angles and less so on their jaw line which makes it one of the safest hat shapes out there. If you have a square face and are a little bit curvier then opt for hat designs with a rounder top as this will balance out your face instead of exaggerating its strong lines. 

Hat Styles for Triangular Faces: 

Triangular faced ladies should keep an eye out for hats with high brims and hat styles with rounded tops. These hat shapes will balance out the angles of their faces while adding width to their narrow chins. Hats with swooping brims are also a fantastic hat style choice for triangular faced women as these styles elongate their already long features and allow them to bring attention away from their strong jaw line.

Hat Styles for Diamond Faces: 

If you’ve got a diamond shaped face then you’re in luck! You have several hat choices that suit your symmetry perfectly, including heart shaped hats, wide brimmed hat styles or slouchy hat designs. These hat shapes will not only flatter your facial features, but they’ll also add volume to an area on your face that may be lacking it – which is your hair. Layers of hat styles work especially well with you because hat styles come in an array of shapes, sizes and colors so the possibilities are endless!

Here are some FAQs on the best hat styles during autumn:

Q: What hat styles should I avoid during autumn?

A: There are hat styles that should be avoided by everyone regardless of their face shape, size or style preferences. These hat styles include crushed hat designs, hat shapes with very low brims and floppy hat styles as these hat shapes will not suit any one feature and can make you look like a child trying to dress up! Hat shapes that lack structure such as fedoras or bowler hats work well for ladies who want hat styles that complement their short hairstyles.

Q: How to choose the right autumn hat? 

A: Hats are amazing accessories but they may seem overwhelming especially if you’re not sure which hat style would suit your face shape and outfit combination. In order to choose hat styles that will suit you the most, first decide which hat style works best for your personal preferences and what hat shapes show off your face shape. If you’re still not sure about hat styles then it’s a good idea to ask for help from an experienced accessories professional or try taking a look at our autumn hat ideas blog posts as these are full of information and pictures!

Q: When is the right time to wear hat styles? 

A: Hat styles can be worn any time of day during autumn but they’re especially great fashion pieces for outdoor events such as festivals, bonfires or hay rides. They’re also perfect winter hat choices because they’ll keep your head warm even in extremely harsh weather conditions. So don’t worry about rain or snow when hat styles are on your head!

Q: How can these hat styles be styled? 

A: At the moment almost any hat style can be styled in a variety of ways, such as with oversized coats, winter scarves and beanies. The only hat shape that won’t suit this type of styling is floppy hat shapes, as they work better on their own without too much layering. Some hat styles like fedoras are perfect hat styles for autumn because they’re usually packaged together with fur felt hat bands which are perfect accessories to help you survive those harsh autumn winds. Check out our blog post about how to style hats for more ideas.

However, you rock your hat, make sure that it fits properly as not to overwhelm your face or disguise your features. This is why hat styles for women should be chosen carefully and with consideration to their facial shape so they can achieve a flattering look that suits them perfectly.

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