The Best Neighborhoods In the USA

The USA is indeed one of the most happening countries to live in the globe. The country offers all the possible amenities one can even think of having. Right from good places to eat, visit, scenic views, brands, multinationals, extra-curricular activities, top-notch educational institutes to friendly people, it has it all.

But there are many more places apart from the USA as well, which are worthy of living and are actually hidden treasures. Not many people know about them, but they are indeed excellent and offer similar amenities. In this thread, we are going to point out a few best neighborhoods in the USA.

Choosing the best neighborhood with all the best amenities is an excellent task to accomplish. To make your day-to-day life more manageable and bearable, you will need all the practical needs of markets, school districts, and others. Some neighborhoods are fit for the life of everyone in big cities, midsize communities, and small towns. 

The Best Neighborhoods in the USA are:

•  Avondale, Chicago –

This low-key neighborhood in northwestern Chicago is about seven miles from the downtown and is the home of Polish Village and surrounded by a vast Latino presence. 

• South 1st Street, Austin –

The south by southwest festivals and the all-time popular Austin City Limits, tourists flock to this region for almost the whole year. The locals of this region consider the place to be Texan heaven for the entire year, making it one of the best places to live in USA. 

• Montavilla, Portland –

Portland is unique in its weird sort of way. The same prevails in this soulful neighborhood region in the southeast part of Portland. Everything around the area is attractive, from karaoke at the Montavilla Station, the restored old Academy, to the weekend blues jams. The presence of theatre in the region makes it an attractive city. 

• East Liberty and Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh –

Steel City, Pittsburgh, has the two neighborhoods together in its list, which has drawn colossal migration, especially of tech businesses and entrepreneurs. The town has always been known and loved for its blue-collar family vibes.

•  Point Loma, San Diego –

This neighborhood has some of the best seafood to offer and is located on a hilly peninsula and cliffs. The region is also the home of the famous marina, Point Loma Lighthouse, and the beautiful bay-front houses hard to find in the other areas. 

•  Frelard, Seattle –

The region is a concoction of two places, Fremont and Ballard. The place is a heaven for foodies and attracts visitors for their foodie trucks, pizza, or craft brews. 

•  Sunset Park –

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this arena of green everywhere is something worth to be cherished. The grassy park is giant, and the older warehouses and factories are transformed into restaurants and boutiques owned by the families. 

•  East Nashville, Nashville –

The region lies across the Cumberland River from the downtown of Nashville and is the trendier version in the entire city. Here you can find family-owned antique stores, Laundromat-cum-music-bars, and many others that make it one of the best places to live in the USA.  

Many other regions apart from these are found in the USA, which is best in almost everything. These neighborhoods have their specialties along with meeting the amenities.

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