The Best Routers You Can Get For Your Small Business

When first starting a business, there are hundreds of steps that go into organizing everything and there can be some items or steps that are easily overlooked that can help manage a heavy workload, ease connectivity, and increase efficiency.

Having the internet is essential for any business to continue thriving and surviving in the present day. It helps with attracting customers to your location, fulfilling extra marketing strategies, and also doing organized work at a higher efficiency rate. 

The way to achieve that is by getting an internet connection through a provider, and it is key to make sure you are getting one for a business, that way you can get good deals for the adequate speed of the internet you will need for you and your employees at your business location. 

To acquire an internet connection for your desired location, you have two main options with other additions to increase the bandwidth of your internet, allowing it to reach every nook and cranny. 

Ethernet is something you are probably familiar with if you are a little older since it is the traditional method for connecting your devices to your local area network (LAN) using a wire. 

Routers, especially strong ones, are great options for small businesses, ranging from a local coffee shop to an auto repair shop. The goal here is to connect the various networks in your location in an efficient, reliable, and fast fashion. 

Though ethernet is generally more reliable thanks to its analog nature, a good router can be just as good, if not more convenient for the sake of cable management and a centralized location for your internet. 

If you want to avoid routing cables all through and letting guests use a guest internet, then a router is your best option.

Sometimes there are challenges to a multi-generational workforce, but other times younger ones tend to be more tech-savvy and help with fixing any technical issues such as the router not working. 

Security is just as important as ease of access and installation. When picking a router (or more), you must focus on support, security such as a proper business-grade VPN (virtual private network), WAN redundancy, other connection options, how good its scalability is, and ease of remote access.

Types of routers

There are three different types of routers you can choose from, some of which will bring more peace to your business. 

The first type is an access point or AP. An AP is what is commonly used as a home network, allowing devices to connect to it wirelessly. The device is then connected to a cable that brings you internet from a central line from your network provider. 

The second type is a wireless distribution system or a WDS. This device will distribute data to multiple access points. The advantage to this type is how it allows you to put a wireless connection where there is a higher density of access points.

The third type is a wireless bridge or a WB. As the name suggests, this device extends your wireless internet coverage to an area your access point doesn’t reach. 

Wireless bridges are useful for when you need wireless internet in one certain location within a building rather than the whole premises, giving you as a business owner the ability to avoid paying for the whole building to need routers.

What to consider before buying a router?

First and foremost, determine the size of the area your business will be functioning in, this way you won’t be overspending on a device you cannot use to its full potential.

You should also focus on the coverage you need or want from a router. This range can go from 100m to half a kilometer. The better quality (and pricier) your router is, the better coverage you usually get. 

As mentioned earlier, a router’s bandwidth is extremely important for your router to be able to withstand the number of devices connecting to it. Assert how many people will need internet in your business, and add on the estimated growth for your personnel as well. 

Maintaining a secure internet connection 

As for security, many professionals recommend changing WiFi passwords frequently to avoid any lurkers on your network. Updating the firmware regularly also increases security, though it happens automatically on newer routers. 

You should also disable any remote access to your router unless you’re the one that needs remote access to it as an admin. Disabling UPnP stops devices such as gaming consoles and smart TVs from connecting to your internet. 

As mentioned above, a guest network is also ideal so you don’t have any strangers on the networks that should be kept private. 

Recommended routers

Asus RT-AX88U

You can buy this router for around $230 on Amazon, and it is truly worth its price thanks to the high security it provides for customers. The way this router is manufactured is to withstand a multitude of connections and provide internet for larger spaces thanks to its four thick antennas. 

It goes up to a speed of 6000Mbps and has 802.11ax technology, making it pretty modern. It also has eight LAN ports for your team to use conveniently. 

The biggest advantage to this router is its AiProtection Pro, protecting your devices from almost all security issues that may come with a router.

Linksys Velop Wi-Fi 6 router

This Linksys router has a reliable connection and can provide your business with speedy internet with ease. You can get this router for $250 and offers customers 300Mbps and a 3.0 USB port for when you need to transfer large amounts of data. 

This router is called the Wi-Fi 6 because it is indeed compatible with that WiFi format.

Netgear Nighthawk AX12

This router costs about $500, making it the most expensive out of the bunch, but does give you a bang for your buck thanks to its 12,000 Mbps speed and a bandwidth of 1858 square meters. Just like the Linksys router from this list, it also has WiFi 6 compatibility.

The router also has added security through its built-in features, including a VPN option, an automatic guest network, and Firewall management. 

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