The Importance Of 5g Network For India’s Digital Dream To Come True

5G is an advanced mobile technology that is expected to influence various life elements, including entertainment, homes, travel, and work. It is because 5G allows download speeds 10-20 times faster than 4G networks of today. Moreover, 5G allows more devices to be connected to the internet. Basically, it will improve the network bandwidth to a great extent. 

The 5G network is expected to release a blast in the number of connections, particularly in the number of Internet of Things devices connected to the internet and in the bulk of data transmitted across various networks. 

With high capacity and speed, 5G is speculated to revolutionize everything around us. Some of the common applications of 5G include autonomous robots in factories, warehouses, mines, super responsive surgeries, smart cities, etc. 

It is also being said that all these features will reduce the network latency, which currently stands at 50 milliseconds to one millisecond, removing it effectively. 

5G in Artificial Intelligence 

With the massive need for data, 5G will cover a huge distance to transform the landscape of Artificial Intelligence. There will be a drastic increase in the devices collecting and sharing data for the purpose of analytics. There will also be an increase in the data per device. Some predictions state that it will witness a big transformation across all industries with regards to current use cases and the development of new use cases. 

The launch of 4G has already shown us the changes with disruptive players such as Uber taking the limelight and revolutionizing strong markets. And 5G is being deemed as a bigger game-changer, so it will not come as a big surprise to see the emergence of revolutionary players with unique business models. Additionally, we can also expect Amazon, Google, Apple, and other tech giants to explore new ventures in new business sectors and extend superlative products. 

5G In Healthcare

Some drastic changes have been seen in the healthcare sector in regions where 5G has already been rolled out.  It makes such facilities available to an extended population, particularly the ones in remote regions. Soon there will come a day where a surgeon performs multiple procedures in different rooms in one day without getting inside one. The massive amount of data gathered and shared by the robotic machines that do these surgeries adds to the precision and learnings of procedures. 

In healthcare, location will continue to lose its significance for surgeries and monitoring, assessment, and treatments. 5G will allow doctors to check on patients at their homes with internet-enabled devices. 

5G in Supply Chain and Manufacturing 

In manufacturing, costly workflow shutdowns could be a thing of the past soon because of an unexpected failure of tools. Many factories have already embedded their shop floor with sensors that can send a lot of data on machinery and other important equipment, identify potential failures in advance, and take necessary actions timely. 

Warehouses could be soon empowered by robots that are more accurate, efficient and faster. It is because they are able to communicate faster and assess more information and coordinate with each other. Supply chain networks will run more efficiently and coordinate owing to IoT sensors spawned across the supply chain pipeline. 

Furthermore, last-mile delivery through drones is being tested and working quite well. Amazon is also speculated to be planning big flying automated warehouse motherships to use drones for deliveries. These innovations backed by 5G will allow handling devices with high responsiveness and speed. 

5G and Smart Cities 

A smart city is one in which various public departments, agencies, services, local communities, social service groups are interconnected and integrated by a series of cameras, sensors and other devices. In a smart city, the flow of information happens quickly and freely across various departments, thereby making it possible to achieve prompt responses and services. 

The automation efforts will also help in keeping the city safe, clean and secure without risking the life of citizens. Trouble to citizens can be identified and handled before it occurs. This is where 5G will come to play with growth in IoT devices. Surveillance powered by 5G would be transformational in this scenario. 

These are merely a handful of transformations that 5G could bring. A lot of possibilities are yet to be discovered when 5G is used in the mainstream market worldwide

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