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The Interesting Facts About Swati Taneja Bhatia

If you’re a fan of bodybuilder and YouTube personality Swati Taneja Bhatia, you probably already know that she has an impressive Net worth. But what other interesting facts do you know about the fitness guru?

Bodybuilding Career

Swati Taneja Bhatia is an Indian bodybuilder who is famous for his YouTube channel FitMuscleTV. The vlogger has a total of 1.6 million subscribers and shares bodybuilding tips on his channel. He is a nutritionist and certified professional bodybuilder.

Uttar Pradesh

Gaurav Taneja was born in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. He has an excellent physique and black hair. During his college days, he was known for his bodybuilding skills. He has won several competitions at the state level. Currently, he lives in New Delhi, India. His net worth is estimated to be 37 Crore rupees.

Ritu Rathee Taneja

Gaurav Taneja is married to Ritu Rathee Taneja. The couple shifted to Delhi after they got married. They have one daughter, Kiara. In addition, they own a luxury house in New Delhi.

Gaurav Taneja started his career as a body builder from childhood. He was a winner of several bodybuilding contests. After completing his college, he went to the US for training.

Gaurav Taneja has also worked as a commercial pilot for airlines. He is now a captain for Air Asia.

YouTube career

Swati Taneja Bhatia is the sister of popular Indian YouTuber Gaurav Taneja. They were born on 28 May 1989. Her father is Yogendra Kumar Taneja. She resides in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Two Sons

She has two sons. One of them is named Gaurav Bhatia. The other is named Arsh Bhatta. Both of them are married. Their husband’s name is Akshay Batta.

Gaurav Taneja was born in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. He attended IIT Kharagpur and graduated with a master’s degree in electrical engineering. While in college, he became known for bodybuilding. In 2013, he won several national level bodybuilding titles. However, he soon realized that posting workout videos would bore his followers. So, he began creating more informative videos.

Three YouTube Channels

He now runs three YouTube channels, which include Rashbari Ke Papa, Flying Beast, and FitMuscle TV. His main source of revenue is through YouTube. His income is between $1800 and $20,000 a month.

Gaurav Taneja has also appeared in several online shows and movies. He has been featured on the cover of MensXP magazine. He is also a certified fitness trainer.

Marriage to Ritu Taneja

If you’re into fitness, nutrition and bodybuilding, you might be familiar with Gaurav Taneja, a famous Indian YouTuber who runs three vlog channels. In fact, he and his wife have over 7 million subscribers to their FitMuscle Tv channel, which is dedicated to fitness, nutrition, and fitness tips. And he has his own personal blog, Rashbhari Ke Papa, which has more than one million subscribers.

Love & Commitment

While Gaurav and Ritu are known for their love and commitment, it seems like they have a bit of a rough beginning. For starters, both of them worked in a pilot’s training program in the United States. But they soon returned to India.

Commercial Pilot

After the training, Ritu was hired as a commercial pilot by an airline. She was soon promoted to captain. However, her family was reluctant to send her abroad. The family was struggling to set up funds for her training.

On the fourth day, however, Ritu gathered the courage to share her story with her parents. She was afraid of being misunderstood. So she asked her father to spend some money on her education.

Famous Indian Actress

Swati Taneja Bhatia is a famous Indian actress, fitness influencer, and also YouTube star. She is married to NRI, Akshay Batta. The couple has one daughter.

Gaurav Taneja was born on July 9, 1986, in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. He is an Indian commercial and trade pilot. Since 2011, he has been working for IndiGo Airlines. Earlier, he worked for Air Asia and also other domestic airlines. He has also served as captain on these airlines.

Brand Deals & Product Placements

In addition to his work as a pilot, Taneja has also worked on various online shows. He has appeared in the movie ‘Access Allowed’. As a famous celebrity, he also received a lot of money from brand deals and product placements on social media platforms.

According to his bio, he was born into a middle class Hindu family. His father is a retired bank officer and his mother is a teacher. While pursuing engineering, he was interested in health and also fitness.

Final Words:

Currently, he lives in Dubai, UAE. He has three YouTube channels. Moreover, he owns several luxury properties, including a house and also bungalow. Besides his Youtube channel, he has also become famous for his fitness vlogs.

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