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Profiting from the Internet is possible in a number of ways. Nevertheless, it is also a place where fraudsters and scams are common. It’s a great idea to make money online. It is, however, imperative that you find real ways to make money online before you can earn a decent income online. We will discuss some of the most trusted online earning sites that you can use to make money online. Before we get to the list, let us clarify a few myths pertaining to ‘making money online.

Many people think that making money on the Internet is as easy as pie. You guys don’t think it is easy, but believe me, it isn’t. Perhaps you have come across ads that promise you $400 per hour by working from home for just three hours if you frequently search for ways to make money online. In these ads and websites, people are lured in with the promise of a scam later. It is easy to make money on the Internet if you visit such sites.

Making money online requires some effort. In order to earn money on the Internet, you must first find genuine sites and sources. After that, you need to prioritize your money and determine your ‘financial goal’, such as earning 100$ in a month. Setting your ‘goal’, then working hard to achieve it, is the next step. Your financial goals can be reached through the Internet if you find enough reliable sources!

For achieving your financial goals, you should visit these real and legitimate websites:


Among the most popular humor websites is Thousands of people visit this trusted online earning sites every month. Videos, pictures, listicles, etc. are published on their website. You can happily earn money writing for! Then this site is definitely the place to try your hand at writing a humorous article. allows users to generate income by submitting funny articles.

There are also weekly contests you can enter and win money! Videos may also be submitted if they are funny. If you would like to write for, please click here.

You must have top-quality content on this site to be able to earn on it. We publish only high-quality content on Payment will only be made once the editors of the site approve and publish your content.


‘Top 10 lists’ are the focus of Listverse. A listverse is a universe of lists! A top 10 list is posted here every day. There are different categories of lists. There are various categories, such as bizarre facts, mysteries, people, crime, etc. There is also a great ‘Write and get paid’ option on Listverse. A writer earns $100 for a list and $40 for a picture list when they submit to Listverse. There are a few rules to follow in order to get your picture list published. PayPal will be used to make the payment.

If you are a good writer and can construct an interesting list, you should submit your proposal to

#3 provides its users with a lot of useful information on its site. The content covers a wide range of topics, such as computers, technology, blogging, and studying. freelancers have contributed this useful content. Guides are known as such. Experts in their fields,’s guides know a lot about their fields. pays its guides for their content, so this is good news. provides opportunities for guides. However, you must have expertise in the field you are interested in. The decision to start writing for this site will be made after undergoing a selection process.


There are many useful facts and interesting tidbits available on Knowledgenuts. List verse’s founder has launched a new site.  Knowledgenuts, like Listverse, offers a ‘Write and get paid’ plan. If your article is accepted, you will receive $10. PayPal will be used to make the payment. Please read the rules and regulations on the site before submitting a piece.


PTC (Paid to Click) sites such as are well known. This site offers two ways for you to earn income – by viewing and clicking the ads on the site and by referring others to it. The site offers users the opportunity to earn up to $0.02 by visiting and clicking on advertisements. Ads are only visible for a limited period (30 seconds). You can earn money by referring other users to this site as well if you’re a premium member. If the referred member views an advertisement and earns $1, the referrer receives $0.50.

In terms of payments, Clixsense is a reputable site. Bank checks, PayPal, and Payza are all options for payment. It is possible to earn money on the sites mentioned above. To earn a decent income, however, you need to invest time and effort into it. Visitors to these sites are encouraged to carefully read through the rules, regulations, and guidelines on their website. Scams abound, so beware! Engage in only legitimate activities. In the comments section, please mention any more reliable sites you think should be added to this list.

ANOTHER BONUS SITE! Update (Original)


 You are not aware of YouTube’s revenue share program! You too might be selected as a YouTube ‘partner’ if you make good videos, which follow its guidelines. By displaying advertisements alongside the video, when it is played, YouTube allows its partners to earn a share of the revenue generated! You can check out some popular Indian YouTube channels like TVF (The Viral Fever) and AIB (All India Bakchod). Some of these channels even receive direct sponsorship and advertising. Video advertisements are primarily comprised of brand mentions. It takes creativity and hard work to achieve such levels of popularity, as those at AIB and TVF have done.


PPD (Pay per Download) is the site’s business model. The way it works is as follows. Initially, you need to create an account on a trustworthy trusted online earning site. An upload of the file is then required. An upload link will be given to you. As a result of this, anyone visiting that link to download the file will have to complete a survey to download the file. We count and pay for each survey completed and download. Thus, every time that file downloads successfully, you get paid! (Just like I do) you can promote the file through Social Media or a blog. Even without owning a blog, you can make money this way!

CPA Grip–

The site is also a PPD, as the previous entry. Working methods are identical. You can also encrypt content, URLs, and files, and offer a virtual currency and offer a wall.


Writers will find this site to be a paradise. Social networking sites allow writers to share their posts on social networking sites as well as write posts for the site. I’ll explain Bubblews’ workings to you. If you write an article, and it gets a unique visit, you will receive 0.01$ for it! Each “like” will earn 0.01$ more! A further 0.01$ will be added for any comments the article gets!

Android users are the only ones who can take advantage of this method. Your Android mobile device needs to be installed with the M-cent app. Once you’ve downloaded this app, you can attempt to download other apps from Play Store. In the meantime, you will be paid to download and try out these apps! If you were paid 50 rupees just for downloading Quikr, RedBus, or any other app, you would do it!

Make money by downloading apps by downloading the M Cents app! Mobile phones can be recharged with the money earned. A referral program is also offered by m cent. You receive 50 Rupees for each referral you make (the referral reward amount changes from time to time these days)! You will be able to get 500 Rupees easily if you refer 10 friends. Furthermore, you can earn money with this app, and you can recharge your phone free of charge!

(From your home) earning money online couldn’t be easier.

The top 5 trusted online earning sites were my starting point when writing this article. Students, housewives, elders, and other people who could work from home, using the internet and computer to earn extra income were the target audience that I had in mind then. This post has grown in size continually since it was published several years ago! On a regular basis, I added new entries (sites and methods to make money online). 

Updates like this are rare. Through more research, I discovered other ways and websites where you can make money online in a decent manner. Find out more by reading on.  The websites and methods listed below don’t make money very easily as usual. Prior to seeing any results, you’ll need to make a decent effort. Aside from having great skills (that can be sold over the Internet), this will be a big bonus!

How to make money with Facebook

We all like to use Facebook, which is a Social Networking site! We are addicted to its simplicity, power, and usefulness! A Facebook addiction does not often result in excessive usage of the site. Using social networking sites excessively is not something we ought to be proud of! We would have been so happy if Facebook had enabled us to earn money! It is certainly possible to accomplish such a feat, according to me! Making money using Facebook is possible. The possibility of making money using a site, which occupies a large part of our 24-hour day, is very real!

Facebook’s money can be earned using a variety of methods. You can earn money using this method by setting up Facebook pages and promoting content, advertising on the pages, sharing short links (paid ones), and selling products through the pages (it’s just like a shop! ). You can learn more about how to make money using Facebook in this article if you’re interested. 

Using WhatsApp to make money

Currently, WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app. What are its benefits? This is due to its simplicity, efficiency, and cleanliness. We all use this app a lot too, just like Facebook.

The same can also be said of WhatsApp! Like Facebook, WhatsApp can generate some income! As a result of spending so much time using this app, I couldn’t resist writing an article on how you can make money using WhatsApp. Here are some cool methods you can use to make money using WhatsApp! Check out the link and find out what they are!

# iWriter

Can you write decently? By writing for others, you can earn money on the iWriter website if you have this skill. It is similar to Cracked and Listverse in the way you are rewarded for writing articles. The iWriter platform is a place where writers and requesters (who need articles) may interact. The site offers writers the chance to register and see who is requesting articles and what topics they are looking for. The requester determines the specifications of the price.

Article quality, article length, and the level of the writer, among other factors, determine the price. On this site, we value quality content. Writers gain ranking levels through the reviews of requesters. Payouts are much higher in the upper rungs than for new members. It’s therefore essential to make quality content while using iWriter so that the requester is satisfied and therefore one’s own rating is improved.

# Fiverr

A Fiverr site is also a place where you can make money by using the skills you have. Writing skills are the sole focus of iWriter. With Fiverr, one can come in with a much broader set of skills. An online job board where independent contractors can find relevant gigs and market their skills.

Thus, Fiverr is also similar to an online marketplace, where sellers and buyers can meet and do business! Start by registering on the site, filling out your profile accurately, and listing the skills that you possess! Fiverr can be more beneficial if you move up the levels! It is important to do good work and please customers to get good ratings, testimonials, and even generous tips!

It’s not just Fiverr, as there are other freelance websites you might like to check out. Their concept is similar- “Make money with our sites by using your skills”. These three sites are good to look at:,, and Freelancers can find buyers on any of the sites mentioned above. You can register on any of the above sites to find work and gigs if you have any relevant skills- writing, graphics, video making/editing, web designing, etc.

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