Things to consider while buying a branded tablet online

A tablet can be used as an alternative to a laptop. However, there are certain things to be mindful of before you purchase one.

Tablets today serve an important purpose. There can be times when it might not be feasible for you to carry around a laptop. For instance, if you are traveling by public transport, carrying a laptop might prove to be inconvenient. Laptops can weigh anywhere from 1 kg to 2.5 kgs, depending on the laptop size, type of storage, and the type of laptop. That is, gaming laptops can weigh as much as 2.5 kgs, while 2-in-1 convertible laptops can be lightweight. However, tablets enable us to move freely and not rely on our laptops, especially if it isn’t for intensive work.

You can find a wide array of impressive tablets in the market, and these are offered by the leading laptop brands. For instance, if you want to purchase a budget-friendly tablet, you can rely on local brands such as Micromax. However, if you are looking for high-end tablets that can double up as laptops (if required), you can purchase tablets from brands such as HP, Samsung and Apple (iPads). The Samsung tablet price typically ranges from Rs. 15,000, and can go all the way up to Rs. 60,000.

Thus, you can find an impressive tablet at various price points, and you can purchase a model depending on your budget and preference. However, before you start scouring the market, there are a few things you have to keep in mind.

Always purchase a tablet with adequate storage

Before even purchasing a new tablet, understand the ideal storage capacity you require. This could be crucial, as inadequate storage capacity can often lead to the tablet slowing down. You won’t be able to download more applications either if the storage space runs out. For instance, if you are purchasing a tablet under 20000 INR, you most likely will have to settle for 32GB internal storage. However, high-end tablets can even offer up to 256GB of internal storage. This amount of capacity will allow you to store multimedia files, large documents and work-related files without worrying about space crunch.

Know if you want a model with only Wi-Fi connectivity, or with mobile networks

Another important decision you will have to make is whether you want a tablet with only Wi-Fi connectivity, or one which can also support 4G or 5G networks. Tablets that only offer Wi-Fi connectivity are cheaper than the models that come with 4G or 5G support. You can use your SIM card in tablets that come with cellular support, and they offer greater convenience. However, branded tablets with 4G or 5G support can be quite expensive. For instance, Samsung recently launched tablets with 5G support, and the Samsung tablet price is more than Rs. 1 lakh!

Think about the size and weight of the tablet

One of the primary reasons why we purchase a tablet is owing to its portability and convenience. It is thus important that you look closely at the tablet’s size and weight. Purchasing a tablet with a smaller display might make it difficult to use, while a tablet that weighs more than 0.50 kgs might defeat the purpose of purchasing a new tablet. Ensure that it is easy to carry, and that you can work on the tablet when necessary without any hassles.

Pay attention to the display and processor

Another important aspect you have to pay close attention to is the tablet’s display and its processor. Finding the right display will allow you to use the tablet for long hours without squinting or straining your eyes. You get excellent tablets with 9-10 inch displays and HD resolution, and you can choose a model that comes within your budget.

It is just as important to look at the processor. A good processor with a high clock speed delivers seamless performance, and lets you go about your work without any lags. Ensure that you purchase a tablet with an octa-core processor, and with at least 4GB RAM.

Purchase a tablet with adequate battery life

You will be carrying your tablet everywhere. This might include meetings, classes, or just gaming sessions while commuting. It is thus important that you purchase a tablet with good battery life. While the budget-friendly options come with around 6 hours of runtime, high-end models like iPads and samsung tablet guarantee 10 hours of runtime or more! It is important that you find the right balance between battery life and budget, but it is equally important that you do not compromise on the battery life.

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