Things you should know before purchasing vitamin C serum

Did you have a lemon for breakfast? Energize your body with the goodness of lemon but don’t forget to use them on the skin too. yes! Vitamin C is powerful enough to smoothen your skin and combat aging issues. 

vitamin C serum is in trend and everybody loves to buy a bottle, you must not go with the  flow. Take some time out and research about best vitamin C serum and how it can improve your skin issues.

From beauty stores to malls, this serum is available everywhere. Don’t just pick a bottle just to follow the trend, be a conscious buyer and know about the facts before paying for it. This blog has throw light on some important areas, reveal them now to make an informed decision. 

Factors to know before buying Vit C serum 

 Use the right consistency 

Sales girls in the shop may force you to pick the product they want you to buy. Be conscious and educate yourself a bit more while buying vitamin c serum. An informed buyer takes the right decision. Check the label and the percentage of Vit C in the serum. ideally, it can be 10 to 20%. Don’t buy any product labeled as vitamin c serum with less than 8 % vitamin C Consistency. 

Overdose of anything can ruin the soft layer of your skin. Stay away from these products which have more than 20% vitamin C concentration. Go for such  a product that has vitamin c vitamin E both, combined one works better for the skin.

 Go for the organic one 

 You may unknowingly pick up a nice-looking bottle filled with harmful chemicals. Don’t run for good design, rather learn to read the label. Many brands are selling fake products or using nasty chemicals in the anime of Vitamin c . Look for the best vitamin C serum which has organically certified. It ensures the product is cruelty-free and safe for human skin. Organic one may go a bit higher in price. Don’t compromise with the quality and quality has a price !!!

Check the packaging 

We are warning you again and again from attractive bottles. Check if the product packaging is right or not. otherwise, the serum may lose its power and become no use. You should select those serums that come in dark color glass bottles. As vitamin C is acidic in nature and tends to react with plastic, glass bottle plays safely. keep the serum in a cool dark place to extend its shelf life.

 Know the application process 

Don’t buy vitamin C serum even if you have all the in the world. Make sure your skin is ready for it, or  you know the reason to buy it. Talk to the consultant and take  a skin patch test. If it goes well then buy it. Know the right application process like – when should you use it, how much should you should it, its morning product or night. 

 Aware of side effects 

Dermatologists advised doing regular scrubbing to wipe out the dead cells and rejuvenate the skin. It works as a mild  scrubber. Though the research has shown the rate of irritation is  slow you should not continue the use of ascorbic acid products if you feel redness and irritation.

vitamin C can be used with retinol. 

Wrapping up 

Vitamin C serum is a multi-working product, it can smoothen the skin, increases collagen production, reduce redness repair sun damage, and many more. But every skin is different and they need unique care to glow. Before purchasing a bottle of ascorbic acid serum, you should few factors. 

We hope this blog has clarified all the queries. Check the above-mentioned things and be a conscious buyer. It saves wastage of money and your skin too.

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