Thinkific vs Kajabi – Learn about the features of both the LMSs

The best online learning platforms make it simple and easy for educators and trainers to manage online courses. Learning Management System (LMS) is the contemporary way that helps to create and develop content, manage, deliver, and organize training materials for the online users and audiences. 

LMSs have become increasingly common, especially due to the sweeping changes in learning and training that became necessary due to the pandemic. 

Traditional training has taken a back seat as learning and training courses are being conducted through such digital channels. This process has made the training cost-effective and easier to manage for businesses. Additionally, online learning has made the learning process reach people from a distance.

This does not mean traditional training methods will go extinct, but businesses have identified that they can achieve more through technology, such as smartphones and other mobile devices that can be connected to the internet and can facilitate learning from any location.

Online learning and training platforms have become more diverse. Through digital means, learning is just a click away. It won’t take long for you to learn and develop specific skills. The way organizations are creating online courses has also changed dramatically. 

There are multiple LMSs and tools available to create and develop online courses. For instance, let us learn about the features of two LMSs,  Thinkific vs Kajabi.

Let’s talk about the features of Thinkific first.

Thinkific allows businesses to create online courses using their existing resources and knowledge and then deliver those courses to their workforce or can even sell those courses online from their website, and that too under their brand name.

  • Thinkific can be used to create and develop all kinds of courses where people can learn to play guitar, fly a drone, enhance their digital marketing skills, or even develop special skills, which can help them in improving their productivity at the workplace.
  • Thinkific lets you develop a customizable website to deliver your online courses.
  • Since you can sell your online courses on an eCommerce website, you can accept payment with ease on the platform for your courses.
  • You have an option to integrate business and marketing tools, which will help you market, promote and sell your courses to the masses.
  • Thinkific is beneficial even for the educational industry; it has student success tools where you can deliver your courses in a student-focused learning environment.
  • You can start with the free plan offered by Thinkific, and if you want to pick up specific features, then it is better to check their paid plans.
  • The platform lets you issue certificates for course completion.

Thinkific has helped many businesses and even consultants who provide training. They can easily transfer their training online and as a result of this, they can save a lot of time and money. Thinkific is best for expert online entrepreneurs.

Now we shall learn about the features of Kajabi.

Kajabi lets you create all sorts of online learning content, where you can easily showcase your expertise and let everyone know what you know best. You can create podcasts, online courses, coaching programs, and more. Kajabi lets you create new content using marketing tools and templates.

  • Kajabi lets you integrate PayPal and Stripe to collect payment for the courses you sell online.
  • With the built-in CRM in Kajabi, you can manage your business growth and can even use analytics to make an informed business decision.
  • Kajabi also lets you build successful online courses and sell your products and courses online at the same time. You can develop a website using Kajabi and start building and selling courses.
  • Kajabi has a simple and easy design, which is straightforward to use. They offer a user-friendly interface.
  • Kajabi has beautiful templates which can be used to showcase your brand and products.
  • Kajabi offers customer support in multiple time zones.
  • You also get course creation tools to design your website from scratch.


Online learning and training is now a widely recognized solution to overcome the challenges of upgrading your employees effectively. With companies upgrading themselves on a regular basis, it is necessary for employees to know all the features and specifications of the new products. Both Thinkific and Kajabi cover every step of the online course creation journey to the launch. Choose the one that suits you the best.

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