Three ways Device Intelligence can Help your Business

As an entrepreneur, your consumers have high expectations, which is why you’re working hard to create the most secure cybersecurity solution available. So why is this next level in demand? We just released an article on how device intelligence can take your cybersecurity solution to the next level, but why is it in order? What direct business benefits will your customers receive if you have the most advanced device intelligence?

Powered by InAuth, Device Intelligence is online fraud prevention by digitally analyzing devices and related credentials using mobile applications and mobile and desktop browsers (InBrowser). The InAuth platform helps clients verify identity, assess and mitigate risk in real-time, and optimize interactions with clients.

What is device intelligence? 

 Device Intelligence is a perfect combination of technologies, including device fingerprinting, AI-powered fuzzy matching, and advanced AI modelling, enabling companies to collect detailed device information from website visitors and buyers. Device Intelligence accurately identifies a device and flags anomalies each time a user logs in to a website or mobile app. As a result, companies can deliver personalized experiences to known customers and detect and stop fraud in real-time with this information.

Do I need device intelligence? 


We live in a world where companies big and small are prone to fraudulent activities, which becomes a costly burden on the business. But with Device Intelligence, you can prevent any fraud for a better and trustworthy experience.

Why It Matters

Here are the main reasons why you should implement Device Intelligence:

A Complex and Challenging Landscape 

The rise in cybercrime requires intelligent new technologies and policies as well as rethinking security approaches. In addition, your customers want products that provide visibility and information on all connected devices.

Build better security 

Enhanced threat intelligence, along with other robust security policies, will enable organizations to prevent malicious intent and block attacks before they severely damage operating systems. As a result, comprehensive cybersecurity products are a crucial partner for enterprises in this ongoing battle.

Encourage Proactive Defense 

Rather than waiting for a disaster and dealing with its aftermath, companies can use your technology to focus on attack prevention. Your product will provide better threat detection and faster prevention thanks to Fing’s ability to recognize all devices on the network in the background.

How Device Intelligence Works 

Using various technologies such as Device Intelligence and AI-powered Fuzzy Matching, Device Intelligence connects hundreds of trust and risk signals to get a complete view of the device. 

  • Device ID collects information about a device that is assigned to a specific user. Accurately identify returning visitors based on the parameters of their previously used devices and their location. 
  •  Device Discovery improves device identification by linking a trust level to the global identity trust network. 
  • Trusted devices store information about the user’s devices and determine if they have been seen before and are trustworthy. 
  •   AI-Driven Fuzzy Matching uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to determine if the current device is similar to a trusted device that the customer has. 

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