Three Ways to Grow Your SEO Agency

So you are looking to start or grow your already existing SEO agency. Good news! This article will give you some essential advice on how to grow your business! If you are familiar with the world of SEO, the acronym stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a way to help a particular website become more visible in popular search engines, such as Google. Companies work with SEO agencies to increase their website’s traffic and online ranking. Digital marketing companies that specialize in SEO help companies gain better trust with companies such as Google. You too can help businesses grow through SEO. You are joining the market at a really impeccable time of growth. According to a compilation of statistics The SEO industry grew from $37.84 billion in 2020 to $40.92 billion in 2021. Its compound annual growth rate (CAGR) settled at 8.1%. It is projected that the industry will boom over $83 billion dollars with a CAGR of 19.6% by the end of 2025. These are massive growth numbers! You are already ahead of the curve if you start growing your SEO agency today!

Tip Number One: Choose a Niche

You may think that working with any and every kind of brand across many different industries will make your SEO agency a success. You may be shocked to find out that this strategy will actually hurt your business. As you are growing your SEO agency you want to choose a niche that has a high customer value. You should consider your company as an SEO expert for one kind of client. For example, you can specialize in SEO for dermatologists or electricians. You may even want to consider targeting one specific location, meaning you specialize in SEO for landscapers solely in Austin, Texas and the surrounding suburbs of Austin. By doing this you will build some many local connections. This way you can build a reputation as the number one SEO agency in a particular area. The idea behind this strategy is to become the best at one specific niche in one area and once you master that niche then you can expand your bandwidth to a wider pool of potential clients. This will help you establish a really good referral system as you grow your business!

Tip Number Two: Audit Content Manually

When you are just starting out or looking to grow your SEO agency you may not realize just how important creating your own audits are. Many SEO agencies will simply look at a client’s metrics to decide whether or not they would be a good client to take on. Only sometimes do agencies read through the potential client’s website content to see how the information on their site helps their business. These steps are not enough. Your agency must complete a manual audit! What does a manual audit look like? Well you and your team should conduct a full deep dive into your potential client’s website. You should be evaluating the website’s writing, grammar, amount of content, and quality of content. Ask yourself does this information on this page add real value? Establish what is helping the client’s website be successful and what content is hurting them. Sometimes it is not just about the metrics and collected data. You want the content to be meaningful and relevant. You want high quality sites to write content for your clients, not someone who is just simply looking for a paycheck! Quality control will help your agency in the long run.

A well put together audit provides you the opportunity to gain clients immediately after that initial investment. You will stand out next to large SEO companies who do not give detailed reports. If you can impress a potential client based on the one time payment for an audit it is almost guaranteed they will sign a contract with your agency!

Tip Number Three: Create a Toolbox

If you are just starting your agency you may not know just how many tools are at your disposal! You need to be utilizing these services. Some are free and some are for purchase. Finding tools that work for your team will help establish your company’s type of workflow. Free tools you need to be using today are Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google My Business. Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google. Its purpose is to measure performance of a client’s website including their visitor data. Google Search Console is a web service by Google which allows webmasters to check indexing status, search queries, crawling errors and optimize visibility of their websites. Lastly, Google My Business focuses on essential data. This data includes location, hours, and phone number. Start with the free services and as your business grows you can invest in more advanced SEO tools. Curating a sturdy toolbox will help your team in the long run!

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