Tips For Making Your Kid’s Yearly Scrapbook

A scrapbook is a testament to a year well spent and a celebration of growth and achievements. It’s a colorful, tangible representation of the memories, experiences, and lessons your child has accumulated over the year.

As you flip through its pages, you’ll relive cherished moments and be proud of your child’s accomplishments. Every aspect of their life, from school life to pictures at home, is captured and preserved in its pages. More than just a project, a scrapbook is a keepsake that will bring joy and inspiration for years to come and remind you of the unique bond you share with your child as you grow older together.

Making a yearly scrapbook can also become a family tradition that you and your child can look forward to every year. This will help reinforce the importance of family values and create a sense of stability and continuity.

It is also a good idea to involve your kid as it can be a fun bonding activity: discussing memories and reminiscing about the past.

If you want to get started on creating your kid’s scrapbook, here’s what you need to know:

Resources to use

You will need to collect some raw materials before getting to work. Some of the typical resources include:


High-quality photos are a must-have in any scrapbook. It is a good idea to use professional stock photography to download and print interesting pictures to decorate your scrapbook. Use these in combination with your kid’s existing photos for a more creative layout. Consider cropping, resizing, or adjusting the brightness and contrast to make them stand out.

Scrapbook paper

This paper comes in various colors, patterns, and textures and is an essential component of any scrapbook. You can use it to create background pages, borders, and accents.


These are a fun ways to add interest and detail to the scrapbook pages. A wide variety of stickers are available, from alphabet sets and numbers to themed stickers and embellishments.


These can add dimension and texture to the scrapbook. Consider using buttons, brads, ribbons, and other decorative items to make your pages stand out.


Die-cuts are pre-cut shapes and designs that you can use to create frames, borders, and other embellishments.

Scrapbooking punches 

These tools allow you to easily create shapes and designs from scrapbook paper. Many different punches are available, including circle punches, scallop punches, and border punches.

Journaling cards

These are pre-printed cards that you can use to write notes, quotes, or stories to accompany your photos. They come in various shapes, sizes, and designs.

Digital scrapbooking software

Digital scrapbooking software allows you to create virtual scrapbook pages on your computer. You can use it to plan your layout, add digital art, and create custom designs before printing them out.

Art supplies

Art supplies, such as pens, markers, watercolor paints, and glue, can be used to add creativity and personality to your kid’s scrapbook. 

Tips to make your child’s yearly scrapbook

Let’s dive into a few tips to help you create a scrapbook that your child will treasure for years to come.

Choose a theme

The first step in making a scrapbook is to choose a theme. This could be anything from a specific event, like a birthday party or vacation, to a particular subject, like your child’s favorite hobby or sport. A specific theme will help you stay focused and organized as you create the scrapbook.

Plan the layout

Before you start sticking items into your scrapbook, take a few minutes to plan the layout. This will help you determine how much space you need for each page and where each item will go. 

Add photos

Photos are an essential part of any scrapbook and should be each page’s focal point. Choose high-quality images that are clear and well-lit. You can also use a variety of photo frames and borders to add interest to your pages. You can also consider making a photo collage.

Tell a story

Scrapbooking is not just about collecting photos and memorabilia; it’s also about telling the story of your child’s life. Use journaling to describe the events, memories, and emotions associated on each page. You can write a few sentences or a longer story, depending on your preference and available space. Consider using handwriting or a fun font to add a personal touch to your journaling.

Decorate the pages

Embellishments, like stickers, die-cuts, and stamped images, can add interest and depth to your scrapbook pages. Use them sparingly and thoughtfully, choosing items that complement the theme and overall look of the page. You can also use embellishments to create patterns, add dimension, and create interest. Use anything that makes the pages stand out and helps add emotion to the story you mean to tell.

Do not be afraid to get creative

Scrapbooking is a creative activity, and there are no right or wrong ways to do it. Feel free to experiment with different materials and techniques, like using watercolor paints, die-cuts, or scrapbooking punches. To add unique touches to your pages, you can also use unconventional items, like ticket stubs, leaves, or fabric.

Keep it simple

While using every scrapbooking supply in your collection can be tempting, it’s best to keep your pages simple and uncluttered. Too many embellishments or materials can detract from the focus of the page and make the scrapbook look cluttered and overwhelming. Instead, choose a few key items and let the photos and journaling shine.

Use protective sleeves

Scrapbook pages can become damaged over time, especially if they are frequently handled or exposed to light or moisture. So once you are done, consider using clear plastic protective sleeves or page protectors to keep your pages from getting frayed and the corners from getting turned up.


Making a yearly scrapbook for your child is a beautiful way to capture and preserve their childhood memories. By taking the time to document your child’s life, you are creating a legacy they can look back on with pride and fondness. With each new year, it provides a way to reflect wisely on the past and look forward to the future, making it a meaningful and unforgettable experience for both parent and child. Whether you choose to create a simple photo album or an elaborate scrapbook, the goal is to freeze important memories in time to ensure they do not just become a fragment of the past but are cherished forever.

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