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Title :- How much space does your modular clean rooms need?


When you want to design a new clean room then you must consider how large or small it should be. You will need to see that your clean room is large enough to accommodate all major operations. If your clean room is larger than necessary then you would waste money unnecessarily. However, if your clean room is small then you would not be able to achieve the necessary production levels and you may not be able to store all your devices. Hence, it is essential that you should decide the dimensions of your clean room. 

Clearance space

It is possible that you have had a spacious warehouse. However, this does not necessarily mean that would need all that space for the clean room. It is important to keep some space for bigger HEPA and ULPA filters and hence, you would not need to think of installing the clean room properly. With regards t the ceiling, you should have at least about 6 inches worth of clearance. If you go less than that, you may starve the filters of air and this will cause disruptions. You should ideally try to keep about three feet of room in order to facilitate easy changing of the filters. 

With regards to the walls, a lot of people would consider building against a pre-existing wall in order to conserve some space. However, it might be better if you can keep a minimum of a three feet perimeter around the clean room as you will have more space for future expansions and upgrades. 

Finally, in case you do not have a lot of space then you should try to build a smaller clean room that can be cost-effective and suitable for your productions. 

Look after the machinery

It is essential that you can estimate the exact amount of required space that your appliances will take inside the clean room. You should get a detailed layout of the floor plans so that you can guess how much space your machines would need. Remember, it would be ultimately the size and number of your devices which would decide the space of the Modular Cleanroom. It is also important to check how you want to arrange the machines and where you want to put them as it will help you design the layout more efficiently and you can end up saving a lot of space. 

Number of workers

If you have figured out how much space your machines would need, then you need to decide the number of workers who would work there. You need to check the amount of space that is required to function effectively. Here, you would need to consider certain aspects like where your tables, drawers and other furniture would be and how the seating arrange should be. Remember, there has to be adequate space for the workers to work and hence, their number is essential for you to ascertain. 

Heating system

The last consideration which you need to do regarding your clean room space should be related with the temperature control settings. While most of the clean rooms are modular, they will all work in trapping heat. Hence, if you would have plenty of machines running inside the clean room then you would need to have the requisite space to ensure that the clean room does not overheat. 

You should also remember that if you get a modular clean room then you will have the option to expand it later on. These types of clean rooms are quite adjustable and hence, you can modify it whenever you need additional space. In case, the production is slow then you can also scale down the clean room for some time. Hence, you do not have to worry that the clean room is not of the right size because you can always adjust it. You can get all essential clean room supplies and equipment from both online and offline suppliers. Online suppliers will of course give you better deals and more discounts. 


Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have provided you with much needed information. Of course, you can check the internet to clarify any further doubts that you have. Clean rooms should have the right space and layout so that you can have it functional at its optimum and highest efficiency. You can find high quality clean room supplies from online suppliers. It is important that you remember to check the credentials of your supplier before you purchase anything. 

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