Top 5 Places To Travel If You Are A Music Lover


They say ‘Without Music, Life Would Be A Mistake,’ and we can’t agree more.

If we can’t hear the beautiful tunes all around us, why are we even living?

I realized the impact of music even more when I downloaded some songs by Beethoven from 1337x mirror a few days before because I was too stressed to go out or do anything else. 

You may not believe it, but the soundtrack lifted my spirits, and within a few minutes, I was ready to face and conquer the world.

That’s the power of music. It can laugh with you, cry with you, be strong for you, or teach you to fall in love all over again.

But, if you want to feel the impact of the music even more strongly, there are some places in the world where you can go and live your life!

Let’s check these places out:

1:To Be Young And In Love In New York City

N.Y.C has been known as a haven for artists and poets since the 20th century.

The impromptu gigs, lights in the old Broadway, and the Jazz brunches in Bronx—all of them liven up the spirit of N.Y.C.’s musical culture.

From Madonna to Lady Gaga—this city has witnessed the success of many prominent musical artists over the decades. 

If you visit N.Y.C. for the first time, go for a brunch at the Cecil Steakhouse. As you immerse yourself in those delicious Mimosas, you’ll hear a live band reigniting your love for the Jazz tunes.

2: So Take Me Back To London

Old London is at the forefront of British music, and when we say British music, we stay true to our claim.

The city is filled with heritage music buildings, iconic artists, and signs and music ooze out from every city corner.

Music lovers are often noticed enjoying concerts at the Royal Albert Hall, one of the most famous venues in the world for hosting concerts.

If you’re not in the mood to enjoy a particular concert, you can always head to the eccentric pubs and traditional clubs to get a taste of the local music of London. 

3: I Lost My Backbone, Somewhere In Stockholm

If you are in Stockholm, don’t forget to plan a visit to the Swedish Hall of Fame. Here, you can learn all about the country’s music heritage and know all about artists like The Cardigans, Roxette, and Swedish House Mafia.

ABBA (Agnetha, Björn, Benny, and Anni) fans will love this city because they will get to follow in the footsteps of these iconic musical legends.

The ABBA Museum is also a great place to sing karaoke or enjoy some of the best outlandish outfits worn by the band.

There’s also an ABBA-themes hotel nearby, and you can book your stay there. You can simply stand on the balcony and enjoy live music on the outdoor patio as you spend your days in Stockholm.

4: We Were Staying In Paris

You may think Paris is known for its elegant fashion scenes and exquisite perfumes apart from the French revolution, but that’s not all the City of Love has to offer.

The music scene in Paris is also a must-watch as the city was home to some world-famous music composers such as Debussy, Saint-Saens, and Berlioz.

The best part of Paris is the locales appreciate the music of different genres. From rock and roll to jazz, from electronic to folk—you’ll get it all in Paris.

On top of that, you should also plan a visit to see the Palais Garner, which is a well-known opera house worldwide

5: In Berlin, By The Wall

Berlin always comes under the limelight for its rich yet complex history, but the city is also home to many famous musical artists the world knows and loves.

It has always been a fan of music because it didn’t fail to appreciate the opera scene in the 18th century and didn’t stop its fancy towards the techno music of the millennial era.

From retro to punk rock—the city has been a fan of different musical genres.

So, if you plan to visit Berlin, make sure you explore some experimental musicians. We’re sure you’ll return home with lots of exciting stories in your backpack.

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Yes, you have discovered the secret to Happiness, now!

We have outlined some of the best places for you to visit in the city, and now that we know you’re a music lover, you can always turn to us if you need more information on these places before planning your vacation.

We will come back with answers shortly.


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