Top 6 actionable SEO tips to boost up your social media presence

Apart from blogging and creating your website, new-age marketing demands something more from you. What is it?  Well, it is social media that requires a lot of attention since it is the key to reaching out to billions of people. Thus besides your SEO efforts for website optimization, you need to be very specific about prepping up for your social media. Good SEO optimization for your social media can ramp up your visibility. Whether you want to increase your brand awareness through social media or you want to boost up your social presence to get more followers, SEO is the key. SEO Singapore can help you to make your efforts right. Here are some actionable SEO tips that you can follow. 

  1. Maintain the quality and frequency 

If you want to be successful with your social media popularity and success, then you have to be ready to post regularly. There are simply billions of businesses, influencers, or marketers who are trying to pitch their audiences. If you leave behind, it will be tough for you to catch the flow of the growth. 

At the same time, it is highly important to stay in touch with your audience regularly. The only remedy to this is, creating quality content regularly. You cannot give your audience the chance to shift away from you. Thus you have to be very top-notch every time with the posts that you are creating. On the other hand, posting regularly will help you to boost up user engagement which is an ultimate SEO benefit. 

  1. Keyword is the King 

Whether it is your blog posts or it is social media posts, keywords are omnipresent everywhere. You cannot create something great with higher SRO potential unless you are using keywords.  

Social media search engines usually promote posts based on how quickly they are becoming popular. But sometimes, the search engine needs help to find your post easily. At this point, keywords come to be the ultimate savior. It boosts the potential of your posts to become easily visible.  Find out the most suitable and relevant keywords and then add those. 

  1. Content must be very catchy 

Billions of people rapidly scrolling through their feed will not click on content that is not at all catchy.  Thus you have to be appealing enough with your social media posts which can grab the attention of the viewers at a glance. 

Catchy yet educational content will get better engagement.  On the other hand, maintaining a slight humor tone will help you to draw more traffic to your page. At the same time, it will improve your chances of getting shared.  To get a better content idea, you can follow up on the trendy posts regularly. 

  1. Stay updated with the current social media and SEO rules 

If you want to stay on the verge of success with your social media presence, then you have to be updated with the current social media and Google SEO rules.  It is better to keep up with the latest change in search engines. It will help you to align your posts and SEO strategies with the new changes that ultimately lead to a higher ranking. 

  1. Do justice with the images 

To attract the attention of social media users, image plays a very crucial role.  Social media posts without any images can give you less success. The images are the key to attract more audiences who will more likely read your posts. Hence the image has a somewhat indirect connection to close conversions. Thus you should add an image that can speak thousands of words. The Images must be relevant to your post and will be able to reiterate your brand values. 

  1. Your brand message should be clear 

While working on the SEO for your business, you can get the help of social media to boost your brand awareness. But it would not be possible if you are not sharing your brand value through your posts. There should be an undertone of the objectives and goals that your business follows. It can be highly impressive in ramping up your marketing success every time you create posts for social media. 


So are you thinking of expanding your reach to social media, then using the above-mentioned actionable SEO tactics can be your ultimate weapon. To survive in the social media competition, you have to be unique and effective. Thus work on it to achieve. 

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