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Top 6 Creative Hacks to Cut Down on Interior Design Cost

When it comes to interior design, most homeowners believe that all the elements and pieces must be expensive. But, designing your home is all about being imaginative and clever, not extravagant. The trick here is knowing how to cut down on the interior design cost, without affecting the quality. There’s always a way to get your interiors done the way you want on a budget. And here, we have covered you with 6 creative and cost-effective interior design hacks. 

it’s not an ideal choice in humid weather like in India. Here enters the laminate as the only savior!” to say “Also, it’s not an ideal choice in humid weather as some wooden floors can be prone to buckling and warping. Here enters the laminate as the only savior!”


  • Replace Wall-Paints with Wallpapers

A colorful and visually attractive wall can burn a hole in your pocket unless you are not clever about it. While painting is a popular go-to option here, wallpaper is a more viable alternative, which can deliver the same or similar visual effect and aesthetic appeal, but at a much more affordable rate. Wallpaper can bring an instant gorgeous look to a compact or bare minimum room. Just keep in mind that normal wall-paints are cheaper than wallpapers. Interior design cost is a headache only for textured paints, which are generally used for feature walls and are more expensive than any wallpaper. So, go for this hack, only if you are thinking to create accent walls. 

  • Paint MDF Walls to Create an Exposed Brick Effect

Exposed brick walls are one of the most uber popular choices among modern homeowners. Because an exposed brick wall can deliver a unique appeal combining classic and chic vibes. You can go either for a soft look or a rustic charm, according to your aesthetic choice. But designing these tactile and textured walls is not at all easy on the pocket. The most affordable alternative here is using a similar-looking wallpaper. But if you want something closer to the original, go for this excellent wall designing hack. Choose a lookalike MDF wall-paint, which can bring out the exact effect of expensive exposed bricks, at a much lower interior design cost

  • Choose POP False Ceiling Instead of Full-Fledged One

When in doubt, always look to your ceiling to add a touch of drama. False ceilings with fitted lights can brighten a space, and create an instant ambiance, especially in designated places like living and dining areas. A wooden false ceiling is tempting, but not a budget-friendly option. If you are looking to cut your interior design cost, go for a POP false ceiling instead. Keeping the cost significantly low, these types of ceilings are peripheral instead of full-fledged ones and are done along the borders only. Fit the borders with cove lighting, and you are ready to go!

  • Opt for Laminated Wooden Flooring

Flooring is a sector, which can make or break an entire interior design. And that’s why you need to be particularly clever about it. Wooden flooring is more affordable than concrete, tiles-fitted, or marbled ones. But the truth is, real wooden flooring too can seriously pinch your pocket! Also, it’s not an ideal choice in humid weather like in India. Here enters the laminate as the only savior! Laminated wooden floorings completely look like the real deals, perfect for Indian seasons, and reduce the interior design cost to a significant extent. Also, different shades, polishes, and hues conveniently widen your options of choice in this case. 

  • Use Jaali to Divide Open Layouts

Open layouts have become increasingly popular in modern interior design. And that’s why, people are searching for innovative ways to separate different functional spaces, without stretching the overall budget. Jaalis can be a great way to apply as dividers here, bringing in easy function and traditional aesthetic together. A jaali divider can be used anywhere at home, adding a touch of classic Indian or Arabian aesthetic, without clashing with modern accents. Keeping your interior design cost in check, you can use a jaali divider to separate living and dining nooks, carve a foyer out of the living room, and in various other necessary and creative ways. 

  • Go for Multi-Functional Furniture

Multi-functional furniture is arguably the most brilliant interior design hack. Furniture that functions in more ways than one, is lovely and incredibly ideal for those looking to curb down the interior design cost. Sometimes coming in deceiving appearances, this type of furniture can reveal hidden storage spaces, be folded or extended to use for different purposes, be moved flexibly using a wheel, or give space-saving option with foldable of tucked away parts. Seriously, there is no limit in creation and imagination here. There are several interior designers and farms equipped to craft custom furniture just according to your personal preference and requirements.

Interior design is like an exciting adventure, which can liven up a space in unimaginable ways. And it doesn’t have to be expensive always. If you are on a budget, these creative interior design cost hacks will help you to get the most out of your money. 


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