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Top 8 Shopify Trends of 2022

E-commerce sector becomes increasingly popular and continually adjusts to modern tendencies and trends. The main objective of people running digital stores is to make their services more personalized. To set up a profitable online retail you should focus on customers’ requirements and needs. The best thing you can do is to visit  and apply to a professional team. However, you should understand the most popular trends in this field to decide on the functionality of the final product.

  Below you will find the list of 8 most important things you should think of in 2022 to set up a profitable online retail business.


  • Make use of artificial intelligence

 AI is the best tool for providing more personalized services to clients. Analyzing your personal preferences and buying history it will recommend you relevant goods or products. AI makes use of the clients’ age, gender, geography, search history, etc. This data helps offer customers the products they can really need without mistakes.


  • Products that can be customized

 People enjoy unique products and services. To attract more clients it is a great idea to offer buyers the ability to choose special design, style, emblem, etc. Interactive content provided by digital stores is extremely appealing to people and attracts great attention.

  1. Voice searching

 Voice searchers are very popular among customers. People use this function to save their time or just make their life easier. Among the most commonly used tools are Siri, Ok Google, Alexa. 

  The latest surveys show that nearly 50% of customers prefer using their voice for browsing websites. So, it is of pivotal importance to allow your customers to make use of voice searching.

  1. Chatbots 

   Chatbots are used almost in all business sectors and e-commerce isn’t an exception. Customers want to get immediate answers to their questions and requirements. Thanks to chatbots, digital stores provide high-quality client support and increase the quality of delivered services. 

 For clients it is much more convenient to type a few messages than look for the customer care phone number and call them.   

  1. Augmented and virtual reality

  Augmented and virtual reality support provides 3D descriptions of goods and products. It may be relatively expensive to build such a digital retail, but it will definitely pay off later. 3D visualisation, for example, helps customers evaluate the chosen products and make well-informed decisions about their purchases. 

 VR and AR support can be entirely beneficial for your online store, but if you provide clients with access to customers’ feedback, search filters, and other convenient tools, it can be enough for attracting new customers even in 2022.

6. Convenient e-commerce platforms

 Customers don’t like making puzzles and solving complicated issues. Your digital store must be easy to use and understand. Don’t overload it with bulks of information.

 Opt for professional frontend developers and UX designers like those working for DigitalSuits to build client-oriented services and appealing interface.

  1. Mobile shopping boom

  The statistics show that people prefer to browse digital stores with the help of their mobile phones when compared with other devices. It means that mobile apps may be entirely beneficial for your retail businesses. 

  If you opt for other options, make sure the service provider is adjusted to mobile phones. You should also provide clients with a range of payment options. Clients will appreciate the ability to pay with Google Pay, Amazon Pay, etc.   

  1. Social media stores

 Nowadays, social media are entirely beneficial for selling goods, products and even services. It is considered to be the most influential platform and is expected to become even more popular in the future.

  Targeted marketing is an effective tool for engaging new customers worldwide relatively fast and cheap. Due to this social media is a good option for start-ups and people with limited financial and material resources. 

 What’s more, by buying advertisements from bloggers and other leaders of thought you can also attract new clients. In terms of marketing, social media may be much better than traditional websites.




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