Top Five Full Stack Java Developer Courses in Atlanta

A full-stack web developer is a software engineer having knowledge of both the fields i.e. front-end or the client-side and back-end or server-side of the applications built in any software. The full stack developer works on every aspect of front-end development, databases, back-end development, API, servers, and version control systems. Since they deal with entire development structures, hence are named “Full Stack” Developers.

A full-stack web developer is an entity that comprises all the qualities and technologies, in-depth knowledge, and specialization of a couple of fields that includes:

Front-end – JavaScript, HTML, jQuery,  CSS, Bootstrap.

Databases – Harpoon, MongoDB,  CouchDB , MySQL.

Back-end – Ruby on Rails, Java, PHP,  Python, Node.js.

A full-stack Java developer course in Atlanta makes you gather entire knowledge of full-stack development elements such as MongoDB, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, MySQL, and more. The knowledge through these certification courses will make you eligible to build an entire website from start to end. There are multiple courses available online for building a set of skills that a full stack developer requires along with the certification. They may offer free of cost or commercial courses/paid courses. 

Let us discuss some of the best courses available for Full Stack Java Developer in Atlanta:

Full Stack Java Developer Course (Simplilearn)

This course makes you eligible to work on front-end technologies such as web development with CSS, ES6 React, HTML, Bootstrap 4, and Node.js. Here you’ll work with MongoDB with NoSQL databases.  This course also teaches you about back-end development and also API  so that you can develop it. In this program of full-stack development, one will learn about both the client-side and the server-side development of any website. The program includes advanced CSS, introduction to Bootstrap version 4 and creating login portals in it, etc. This course includes 8X higher engagement in live online classes by industry experts and gives you access to Sandboxed cloud labs for real-time application development.

Learning Full-Stack JavaScript Development: MongoDB, Node, and React (LinkedIn Learning)

With the help of this course, you are going to learn the skills of designing web applications with MongoDB, React.js, and Modern.js. It provides you with the required knowledge of reading and writing data, developing user interfaces with MongoDB. This course contains all modern javascript concepts and coding demonstrations that help to generate data-driven websites more efficiently and faster. The important topics to be dealt with in this course are working with MongoDB, Routing on both client and server-side, React basics. It has a one-month free trial. It also provides certification upon completion.

Full-Stack Web Development with Angular Specialization (Coursera)

In this course, you will learn about front-end website development and server-side or back-end support. This will provide you with knowledge of both React and Bootstrap. You will understand how Node.js and MongoDB are used in communication with API. The topics covered are using Angular Material and Angular flex layouts, developing mobile applications with a single codebase for more than one platform, and the use of an ionic framework. This also provides you with certification after the course. The duration of this course is three months. It is very flexibly scheduled.

Full stack web developer (Udacity)

This program will help you gather knowledge about building and designing databases for software applications. This training course requires basic knowledge of testing applications through the technologies of data science such as HTML,  Git, and CSS. You learn to perform secured user authentication and also be able to manage control access very easily. This course covers API development, deployment of servers, web application data modeling. Here you come to know about identity access management. The duration of this course is four months (self-paced). It also allows you to work on real-world projects. It is a flexible learning program.

JavaScript Introduction (EdX)

This course teaches you every concept and the basic foundation required to create a very interactive design of your webpage. You learn concepts of Javascript and its fundamentals. It has coverage over the essential topics for web development such as HTML5 and CSS. It helps you to understand the structuring data and also work with forms. It adds up interactivity to HTML learning. It is available on Edx, its duration of completion is 5 weeks to one and a half months. This course also provides you the certification for your knowledge earned. It helps to build your portfolio and GitHub profile for the opportunities for better jobs. Some active communities also support better understanding.


The above discussed are the best courses offered online through various sources on open platforms as well as on commercial ones. Javascript is a very dominant language in the development of various elements of any web application and hence is required for both client and server-side software. You can select the required course as per your skills and according to the availability of resources. All the above courses deal with in-depth concepts of full stack web development. 

Today many organizations are looking forward to a full stack web developer as they are having the entire skill set of both the front-end and back-end side developments which is cost-effective for different organizations. Hence you can opt for good career opportunities in this field when every aspect is summed up to big data. You may go through them individually for a better assessment of your knowledge and set of skills regarding full stack web development. The demand for full stack developers is growing exponentially with time.

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