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Top Halloween Costume Ideas for Men and Women

Halloween is a day where people who have gone to heaven are honored on 31st October. It’s a tradition that has been followed for ages to honor the dead. It is celebrated before All Saints’ Day in the evening. Events or festivals like these usually call for celebrations where people dress in different costumes and tell tales about ghosts, witches, and sorceries. The pumpkins symbolize this event where they are carved into specific ghost shapes and are used as lanterns for decoration purposes. Halloween is supposed to be the most vibrant Christian festival where children enthusiastically take part by going door to door with a bag and exclaiming ‘trick or treat’ for candies.

You play around with your face while doing makeup to add a dramatic look. A makeup artist can change your facial features with the help of products and turn you into a scary character. The makeup will use coloured contact lenses available at to better enhance the feature of the dramatic look that you are portraying. Contact lenses will give a big impact on the look as it will make your eyelashes thicker and feasible. It also has different colors that you can choose from. This will make it more interesting as you can play it along with your halloween costume. There are even contact lenses that are suits for halloween costumes. And if you are planning to join a halloween costume contest, then you are confident enough to win!

Halloween is believed to be the day when dead people visit their loved ones. So to celebrate this occasion people light up the cities and homes for a warm ghostly welcome with haunted houses. Though it is that time of the year when people let their imaginations run wild for a costume, men and women dress up differently to symbolize the day with the day of death. A lot of preparations are made beforehand to celebrate and greet the dead. It is celebrated around the world by Christians that create a fun and lively environment where people are just enjoying their holiday while spending quality time with their families. Such festivals call for the feast and get-together at home or outside.

Women Costumes

Women dress differently on Halloween by purchasing or getting a customized outfit made that looks scary and wild. Women usually go for dark colors like black and red to symbolize evil, blood, and horror. They used to dress up as witches and old evil grannies with painted faces, pointed hats, and long flowy gowns. They used to do a lot of makeup to cover up their skin. Few women also used to pair up their costumes dresses with frogs, fake eyeballs, and insect necklaces.

In the present decade, women have now shifted from just black and red. They wear different colors with different costume themes and designs. They no longer go for the dramatic look until asked for. This Halloween women can opt for various outfits. If you are looking for Halloween costume ideas for women then you are at the right place. You can change your look by opting for animal costumes like cat costumes, doll costumes, werewolf costumes, skeleton costumes, mummy costumes, nun costumes, vampire costumes, immortal lady costumes, pennywise costumes, black widow costumes, voodoo costumes, enchantress women costumes, zombie costumes, and witches costumes. You can even attend the festival in casual dresses. You have a list of costume ideas that will make you stand out from the rest of the women.

You play around with your face while doing makeup to add a dramatic look. A makeup artist can change your facial features with the help of products and turn you into a scary character. You can play around with some props like toads, fake blood, pointed nose, hats, fake snakes, and other insects. But you can also keep a simple makeover for a little difference. You can even paint your face in black and white showing the skeleton structure with black nails, bold red lips, and white contact lenses. To complete the look add some fake blood on your hands. If you are going for a vampire look you can definitely add some blood near your lips to give it a realistic look.

Each of the costumes requires a different look and makeup application. It can be simple or dramatic at the same time.

Men Costumes

Men usually go for a casual look at every festival but this is the only time of the year when men to take part in dressing games. They still follow the dramatic costume ideas. Men can choose from vampire costumes, plague doctor or patient costumes, werewolf costumes, skeleton costume, demon costume, clown costume, magician costume, batman costume, zombie costumes, animals costume, mummy costume, saw man costume, pharaoh costume, scarecrow costume, voodoo costume, and Chucky costume.

Men can go for any of these looks and can get their faces painted for the additional scary looks. You can also pair it up with long flowy drapes, necklaces, bracelets, and cross signs. For any additional Halloween spooky touches decorate your house or neighborhood with dark lighting and the same themes. Men can dress up in any creepy Hollywood casts too. There are not many men can do with their costumes so try playing around with your hair and makeup. You can color your hair in different colors according to your get-up. You can add fake blood on your hands, paint fangs near your mouth, and use contact lenses for the perfect spooky look. You can also use different props to complete the look.

Bats are usually the symbol of Halloween so dressing up as one would be a good idea. You can wear a black costume with red lips and black kohl eyes for the look. You can also create an illusion of long ears by painting them or asking a makeup artist to do it for you. Choose from any Halloween costume ideas for men to pair it up correctly.

If you do not want to dress up as a scary character you can always use scary masks to cover it up. You can even wear a costume and wear a mask to avoid the hurdles of doing makeup and creating the perfect evil look. You can purchase pennywise clown masks, skeleton masks, horn masks, zombie masks, alien masks, doll masks, plague masks, and etc.

In conclusion, Halloween is the festival of spending time with your families and remembering the loved ones who left us. The festival marks the end of the temporary lives and the beginning of eternal lives hereafter. The festival is celebrated thoroughly with dances, delicious food, decorations, and bonfires. The country celebrates this day with a public holiday and enjoys it to the fullest with customized outfits for each.

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