Top online video converters to use in 2022 (free & paid)

From TikTok videos to Instagram reels, TV series online and movies, video content consumption is the new way to get rid of boredom and stay entertained. Even marketers use videos to promote brands across social and digital channels. 

Owing to the rising popularity of video content, various formats have emerged so the audience can view content in the highest possible quality. Unfortunately, all the formats are not compatible with different devices, and therefore, you need to be aware of the various video converters available online. 

For instance, the massive growth in video content has led to the rise in GIFs, which are increasingly used across social media platforms. So, if you want to create a GIF from an existing video, you need to convert MP4 to GIF Mac or Windows. On Mac, you can Permute to save MP4 files as GIFs or use the online free MP4 to GIF converter from Placeit. Similarly, for Windows, you can use Movavi Video Converter or Giphy. 

Besides converting to GIF, you may want to convert to AVI, MKV, etc. So, here’s a list of the most highly recommended online video converters that you must know to be equipped in 2022. 

  • KeepVid

Using KeepVid, you can convert your videos to all the popular video and audio formats instantly. It is one of the most reliable online video converters where all you need to do is drag and drop the files or choose the files from your computer’s local storage. The tool works as an audio converter, iPhone converter, MP4 converter, MPE converter, etc. 

KeepVid is completely free, and it guarantees the best quality after you have converted your video files to more than one hundred and fifty audio and video formats. In addition, the tool doesn’t place any limit on the input video quality, file size and output video quality. 

Furthermore, you can choose the video resolution before converting your files for the best results. 

  • Onvico 

When it comes to converting videos to MP3 and MP4, Onvico is considered one of the go-to online video converters. The tool supports the major formats and delivers the best results. In addition, the tool supports more than four hundred websites and works lightning-fast on mobile devices and desktops for converting videos. 

Use the tool to convert YouTube videos, social videos online, convert videos to MP3, etc. Moreover, Onvico works as a CDN downloader, and users can use it as an online playlist downloader tool. 

The tool doesn’t annoy users with bothersome ads, which is completely safe. 

  • Convertio 

When you use Convertio, you can choose files from Google Drive, Dropbox or local storage. You can select the video URL, and the tool will find the video content and convert it on your behalf. 

Convertio guarantees instant and fast results without compromising on the quality of the video. In addition, the tool supports conversion on various devices, including Linux, Windows and Mac. 

To offer users increased file security, the tool deletes all the files converted every twenty-four hours from its servers. Furthermore, the tool offers customization where users can personalize set codecs, video quality, aspect ratio, etc. 

  • ConvertFiles

ConvertFiles is one of the most trustworthy and efficient video converters online, supporting more than three hundred file formats. In addition, the tool supports the major formats, and you can convert up to twenty-five MB files for free. 

To start converting files using this tool, users need to choose the file from their location storage, select a destination format, and the converted file will be downloaded instantly. The download link can be sent to your email address. 

Besides, the tool works as a drawing converter, archive converter, audio converter, image converter, presentation converter, document converter, etc. 

  • Handbrake 

Handbrake has become a very common name among users who regularly need to convert videos online. The tool is a free video converter and made its name on macOS. Today, the tool is available for Linux and Windows. 

Packed with features, the tool supports many formats, such as MPEG-2, H.264, MP4, MKV, MPEG-4, etc. Moreover, thanks to Handbrake’s multi-platform support, the tool is particularly recommended for users who like working on various platforms. 

The tool comes with in-built presets so that users don’t need to search for the formats supported by their devices. 

Even though Handbrake is a free video converter, there’s no dearth of customization options. For example, users can select batch scan, title or chapter, add subtitles in several formats, queue encodes, etc. 

Wrapping up

In 2022, video consumption is poised to change, and more people are expected to watch videos on their mobile devices. It is also predicted that YouTube will become the epicenter for videos, and marketers are expected to spend 82% more on including video as a part of their marketing mix. Therefore, the online video converters mentioned above will come in handy if you need to convert videos and make them more palatable for your audience.

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