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Project management is a process that utilizes the appropriate resources of the organization in a controlled and structured manner to achieve some clearly defined objectives identified as strategic needs. If you are aware of managing your projects efficiently then, Project Management can be taken up as the career path which will lead you to your more outstanding successes. It is valued as a recognized and strategic organizational competence, and it is now introduced as a subject for training and education. IT professionals must know about Project Management as it is an integral part of their work. They deal with many projects, and it becomes mandatory for them to be aware of Project Management and have good skills to handle the responsibility well. If you also want to manifest yourself as a good Project professional, enrol in Great Learning’s free Project Management course and attain a free Project Management certificate, which leads to your career growth.


Project Management refers to the victimization of your data, skills, and techniques to deliver one thing valuable to folks. The project manager must take care of the development work of a building, improve the business method, increase your market price, growth of your market.
Every project has different expectations needs and specific goals to be achieved. With the development in technological advances and alternative factors, there’s a rise within the work with the wants. These works are organized around comes with their team being brought along supported the talent demand for finishing the precise tasks. Handling these comes is understood as Project Management. Except for alternative skills needs, one ought to be sensible at Project Management to manage the comes allotted to you. Project professionals lead these come. Project Management involves taking care of however the work is completed.
It is not solely regarding managing the project necessities however additionally includes managing the folks concerned in it.

The Project Process─Key Steps for Success

Sharing of information particularly when the project work extends across different sites is one of the key elements of success. Ideally, this should extend also to using common computer software for data recording and scheduling, as well as the same processes, procedures, and standard document formats.

The project phases

The project management process is well established and comprises six clearly definable phases with decision gates between each:

  • project conception;
  • project definition;
  • project planning;
  • project launch and execution;
  • project closure;
  • post-project evaluation.

Each phase is treated as discrete with specific work to be completed, this does not signify they are ‘one-off’ activities. In reality, the phases are often revisited during a project. Once a project is initiated, the need to reiterate some or all of the work done in the definition or planning phases is always a possibility as the project moves ahead in the execution phase.

Project phases help you to separate the project work into blocks with a defined sequence.Some of them are:

  1. revise the project definition;
  2. re-plan part of the work;
  3. revise the project schedule;
  4. solve problems;
  5. carry out recovery planning – to recover lost time;
  6. carry out contingency planning – in case a high-risk part of the work goes wrong.

The work done must be subjected to a rigorous review to determine the validity of allowing the program or project to continue. This decision can commit the organization to resources that do not exist due to other commitments, so a careful analysis of resource utilization must be made by the management to help make this decision. Too often rogue programs or projects are allowed to continue unchecked and either subsequently fail due to insufficient resources or seriously impact other important programs by stealing their resources.In the past, many development projects have become ‘runaway trains’ consuming huge amounts of resources and still subsequently failing with large debt write-offs. Such situations can be reduced or avoided using a rigorous regular review and decision process.

Top Project Management Courses

  1. Project Management:-

Project Management is a Free course out there on the Great Learning platform. it’s a beginner-level course. This Project Management free course can assist you to learn and perceive Project Management from basic. to boost your talent in project management you want to 1st perceive a Project, its tasks, activities, the requirement of the organization, and its finish goal. This course can assist you to grasp Project Management and its dynamic method, skills, techniques, tools, etc. you may study different phases of Project Management. By learning the advantages of Project Management, you may perceive the way to utilize it for your profit.
You will additionally learn numerous factors regarding Project Management. All the ideas concerned during this course can assist you to perceive Project Management higher and at a similar time can assist you to become a management professional. After completion of the course, you may bring home the bacon Project Management certification.
1. Project Management
2. Phases of project
3. Benefits

2. Project quality management:-

Project quality management free course is out there on the Great Learning platform. it’s a beginner-level course. Quality is one of the foremost vital attributes that dictate, command and conjure up our sleeve every single day across totally different spheres of life. This reality remains true within the business world likewise wherever different groups try to fulfill the standard benchmark set by the stakeholders for a good set of comes.
The main principle of project quality management remains to confirm that the project meets or exceeds stakeholders’ wants and expectations. This course consists of 3 main parts of Quality Management- Quality coming up with, Quality assurance, and internal control.
• Project Quality Management
• Quality coming up with
• Quality Assurance
• Quality management

3. ASANA Project management:-

ASANA Project Management is a Free course out there on the Great Learning platform.
It is a beginner-level course.
Asana may be a distinctive Project Management tool that prioritizes each team and project manager. The platform is easy-to-use and motivates all team members to manage theirs comes to their profit. you may perceive the way to effectively use posture as a project management tool to enhance project potency within the posture Project Management course. You may learn the way to make and organize tasks and started project details at intervals posture. You may be walked through numerous topics to grasp the topic higher, like project management and therefore the want for project management tools. Later, you may be introduced to posture. You will be able to learn the computer program, produce a replacement project, list view, timeline read, broad view, the calendar read, dashboard read, messages, forms, and files.

4. Slack project management

Slack project management is also a Free course out there on the Great Learning platform.
It is a beginner-level course.
Slack is also a Project Management software package that helps every team and project manager. The platform is easy-to-use and motivates all team members to manage theirs involves their profit.
In this course, learners will learn the thanks to using the Slack software package for project management efficiently. they go to in addition learn the thanks to building and organize tasks likewise as started project details at intervals slack.
• Slack software package

5. Project Management Foundation

Project management Foundation is also a free course on the LinkedIn platform. It consists of a project management set of techniques that anyone can apply to realize goals and build involves loads of thriving.
In this course, the fundamentals of project management, setting project goals and objectives, building a project commitment to managing resources and work, meeting deadlines, and moving the project square measure were mentioned. In addition, it provides tips for human action, holding conferences, keeping a project on track, and gaining shopper acceptance. This course provides exercises for several videos supported by a healthcare/IT case study project.


Many modern managers have multiple comes on the go; few have specific coaching in a way to juggle these responsibilities. the power to handle numerous comes at the same time is and sort. As a manager, you perceive that one specific path doesn’t relate adequately to each new project. The challenges behind success managing come whereas finishing routine work and inspiring others to try and do a similar. Their shrewd recommendation and relevant examples provide you with lots to consider, with handy wrap-ups thoughts. And though your business comes to disagree in complexness and scope, the principles given here ground you in theory and supply the suggestions to attain success. Different learning platforms like Great Learning offer you several project management courses to reinforce your information and frame your career as a flourishing project manager.
As a manager, you’ll reach managing multiple comes to the extent that your cluster succeeds and, in turn, your cluster can succeed to the extent that they’re perceived not just as proficient but additionally as reliable.

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