Top warning signs you need a dental check-up

Your routine teeth cleaning plus dental check-ups twice every year is not enough for dealing with dental issues. You may have to make provisions for dental check-ups between your regular visit as and when the need arises. You must understand different reasons that make dental check-ups an inseparable part of your healthy lifestyle. When you identify dental problems at an initial stage, the issue does not aggravate. You will have to take care of these early signals not to put yourself at grave risk.

Ongoing medical condition

Different chronic medical conditions make you susceptible to dental issues like gum disease and tooth decay. These medical conditions include eating disorders, diabetes and heart disease. Suppose you are undergoing medical treatments like hormone replacement therapies, radiation, or taking different prescription drugs; it is your dentist who will advise you on reliable ways of keeping your oral health in place. Your medical history becomes vital for them to assess your condition and provide you with appropriate care.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy

Although you may be astonished at the fact, pregnancy can put you at risk of tooth decay and gingivitis. Yes, it is right! You may have to opt for frequent teeth cleaning at different stages of your pregnancy. Hence, talk to your dentist regarding your at-home care routine.

Swelling and pain

Sensitivity to cold or hot beverages, toothache, numb feeling and swelling in the mouth can cause discomfort. Apart from this, they can also add up to severe health problems like fractured teeth, infection, gum disease or tooth decay. Hence, you cannot take these symptoms lightly as they will aggravate with time. Get in touch with dentists who can provide you with a reliable treatment option by assessing your signs and symptoms.

Swollen, tender and bleeding gums

These three areas come as red flags for bacteria build-up in the gum line. They may draw your attention towards an underlying problem like cancers or diabetes. It may lead to gum disease and cavities that will aggravate with time. Only a qualified dentist will help you improve your oral health through deep cleaning and identifying the underlying cause. Dublin Dental Care offers state of the art treatment at affordable prices.

Dry mouth and bad breath

Apart from routine check-ups, you may have to rush to your dental clinic if you develop a dry mouth and bad breath. Both these often remain neglected for various reasons. However, if you are serious about restoring the moisture in the mouth, only brushing and flossing will not help. You may require prescription medicines, mouthwash and special toothpaste for this purpose.

Lastly, if you have pain in your jaws and changes in your gum texture, these are early signs of oral cancer. Please do not take them lightly, and never miss out on your appointments. Get in touch with your dentist as fast as possible for your regular dental check-up. Try to go for different dental procedures suitable for your issue if you want to take care of your oral health.

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