Trendy Yet Easy Hairstyles for Working Women

If you are a working professional who is always on their toes, trying to maintain a work-life balance, then we have a clue about your plight. For someone who is always in a rush and hardly has time to eat, dressing up early in the morning and spending an hour on their hair is out of the question.

So, if you have grown tired of just tying your hair in a simple ponytail due to a lack of time in the morning, don’t worry; we have you covered, sis!

Making your hair is probably your biggest dream, given how much you have to do during the day, from eating breakfast to starting the laundry.

To ensure your morning routine becomes smoother and you still walk out the door looking like a diva, we have a few hairstyles for working women that you should check out.

Top 12 Trendy & Easy Hairstyles for Women

Showing up at work with messy hair won’t leave a good impression. It is critical to arriving at work neatly dressed. Even if you cannot spare a lot of time, there are still a few hairstyles you can quickly get done to carry yourself with style and grace.

We know it may seem difficult for all of you to show up to work dressed nicely and with tidy hair in the minimum amount of time. But don’t worry; we have found a few quick and easy hairstyles that look trendy and are sure to make an impression on everyone at your workplace.

1. Low Bun

Nothing beats a sleek low bun for the workplace that makes you look like a woman who is all about business today. With center-parted hair, this sleek, low bun will make you look professional and stylish at the same time.

You won’t have to worry about your hair falling on your face while presenting or talking to your boss. There are plenty of ways to style a low bun, and you should surely check them out to tweak your hairdo.

2. Crown Dutch Braid

If you have grown tired of the same hairstyle every day where you’re just tying your hair in a ponytail, then perhaps you should try styling with a braid. For those of you who think braids may not look professional, trust us; they do.

You can try plenty of hairstyles with braids, but the one we like most is the crown dutch braid. In this hairstyle, you wrap your hair using braids from both sides. It’s very easy to make, and it will hardly take you 10 minutes to get it done.

3. High Bun

One of the best hairstyles for work is a high bun. Most people don’t opt for high buns because they fear they may show their gray roots on the forehead or the top.

In contrast, high buns are tight, and your roots will peek through. But it doesn’t mean you can’t hide them. Any time you feel your grey roots are peeking through, you can conceal them with root touch-up powder. It is a great alternative if you don’t have time to dye your hair and you’re looking for a harmless option to hide your gray hair.

Make your hairstyle, then use the root touch-up powder to cover the gray or white areas. It is long-lasting and will easily come off the next time you shower. And the best part is, you won’t have to be afraid of flaunting your favorite high bun at the office.

4. Sleek Straight Hair

If braids and buns aren’t your thing, then perhaps sleeker, straighter hair will make your day.

Letting your hair down is probably one of the most common hairstyles that working women flaunt. However, you can tweak this hairstyle by tying up your hair in a twist from the front so the hair strands don’t fall on your face.

You can also tie them in a braid in the center of your hair and let the rest fall on your shoulders.

5. Knotted Ponytail

Want a quick hairstyle that will look sleek, stylish, and convenient to do all at the same time? You can easily make a knotted ponytail. Simply part your hair into two even sections, pull one side over the other, and then tug on both sides to make a knot.

You can also pull a rubber band on your ponytail right below the knot to ensure your ponytail stays in place. And if you’d like to make your ponytail look more polished, you can grab a strand of hair and wrap it over the rubber band.

This is quick and will look stunning.

6. Short Hair

Many working women who find it difficult to manage their hair early in the morning go with shorter hair since it is easier to manage. You don’t have to spend too much time. Just wash your hair, grab a round brush, and blow-dry your hair to make them look presentable.

If you can spare some time in the morning and possess a curling iron, you can curl your hair at the tips to look more stylish and trendy.

7. Use a Headband

A headband was probably one of your favorite accessories while growing up, and trust us when we say you can still use it even when you’re at the office.

Brush your hair or curl them if you have time, slip a headband over your strands, and put on some hairspray to ensure your hair behaves. You can leave your ends loose or tie them in a ponytail. This can be your go-to hairstyle for a casual day at work.

And while you’re choosing your headband, find something that looks professional. Don’t go ahead with bow ties or embellished headbands that may not look good with your office attire.

8. Sweep with Hair Pins

The market is currently loaded with hair accessories, and you will easily find stunning hair pins to sweep your hair. You can either part your hair sideways, put on hairpins on one side, and let the other side fall free.

You can also twist or braid your hair from one side while letting the other fall into its natural state. This is a trendy hairstyle you can conveniently carry to your workspace.

9. Looped Half-Do

One of the best ways to style your hair for your workspace is to put it in a half-updo. This is a great way to style hair for those who want to let their hair down but still want to make a tiny style statement.

This will not only ensure you can let a part of your hair down, falling free from your shoulders, but it also makes you look professional. You can keep your hair out of your face and show off your stunning diamond studs.

Also, you can try plenty of half-updos, but we recommend the looped half-do. It is very easy and looks super adorable for a working professional.

10. Low Ponytail

Although we have suggested a ponytail before, a sleek low ponytail that makes your hair look perfectly set in place can surely be opted for as a hairstyle at work. Straighten your hair and set them in place by applying hair gel, hair wax, or even hair spray. You can center part of your hair and then make a low ponytail if you’re okay with the crease showing up on your head.

Tie your hair with a rubber band, put on your blazer, and you’re ready to take on the day.

11. Textured Low Bun

We suggested a low bun before, but if you want to spice up your look for a special day at the office, perhaps you can try a textured bun with lots of volumes around your face. It is unique and looks professional. Plus, you can wear it with any of your work outfits.

You just have to follow the same pattern as making a low bun; just ensure you keep the strands loose. There are a few tutorials you can search online to see which textured low buns are easy to make early in the morning and won’t take too much of your time.

12. Half-Up-Do Ponytail

Lastly, those who love wearing their hair down but want to pull off a ponytail can try the half-updo ponytail. It looks quite trendy and is ideal for a day at the office. Choose your outfit carefully with this hairdo. The half-updo ponytail may not go well with a suit, but you will surely pull it off with a short skirt or a jumpsuit.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the trendiest yet easiest hairstyles for working women that we could find. Most working women have trouble making a hairstyle in the morning because they simply have to rush. People hardly get enough time to sleep through the night, which puts hairstyling off the checklist.

However, these hairstyles won’t take too much time, and you can pull them off easily with your work attire. Whether you want to tie your hair in a bun or let it down, you can do so as long as you make it look presentable. Use hair pins or ties to keep your hair off your face.

And always consider your outfit before making a hairstyle to make it quick and easy.


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