Tvline: The Resident: Emily VanCamp Returning for Season 5 Finale

Tvline season 5 finale is fast approaching. Will Emily VanCamp’s story arc conclude early? Is Andrew McCarthy set to portray Dr. Sullivan? Is Nicolette “Nic” Nevin’s dad planning to have machines keep her heart beating? And who will play Iris’ love interest? Here are our predictions for season five! And be sure to check back for more news.

Emily VanCamp’s story arc

“Tvline The Resident” is letting Conrad’s story arc breathe from an emotional perspective in recent episodes, so fans can expect big changes in the new season. In the most recent episode, we saw a flashback to a tragic incident in which Nic was unable to save her mother, and a clip from the season finale showed Nicolette’s death and a tense goodbye scene. Hopefully, this episode won’t leave fans feeling as though Nic VanCamp isn’t back.

Tvline a tumultuous season, we can expect the story arc to wrap up early in season 5. The show’s newfound acceptance of big pharma will inevitably tangle with the doctors’ morality, but we also know that this will not be the last episode centered around the hospital’s newest resident. And we’re not the only ones who want a story arc to wrap up early in the season.

Dr. Sullivan

Andrew McCarthy is signing on to recur on Fox’s hit medical drama The Resident. He’ll play Dr. Ian Sullivan, a charismatic pediatric surgeon with a streak of narcissism. His complicated relationship with his daughter Cade may make for some interesting storylines, and McCarthy has a long list of acting credits. He’s known for his roles in the 80s movies Good Girls and The Family, and he’s already directed episodes of Orange is the New Black and The Blacklist.

Earlier, McCarthy was cast as a hitman in Good Girls. Currently, McCarthy is set to play Dr. Sullivan on the new series, which is being produced by 20th Television. McCarthy also directed episodes of the Netflix series The Blacklist and Orange Is the New Black. He’s the perfect choice to play Dr. Ian Sullivan, and he’ll make a great Dr. Sullivan.

Nicolette “Nic” Nevin’s dad

Tvline plotline of The Resident centers around pregnant nurse practitioner Nic Nevin, played by Emily VanCamp. Nic’s hospitalization is complicated by a stab wound in her trachea. She is saved by the hospital staff and her husband Conrad. When she goes to have surgery, she is unable to wake up. As the doctors struggle to keep her heart pumping, Conrad realizes that her patient isn’t waking up. Conrad, who is her husband, rushes in to try and help her.

When Nick tells Nic that his father wants machines to keep her heart pumping, her reaction is shocking. She isn’t trying to hide from her traumatic experience. She’s trying to stay positive, and her only concern is for the safety of her baby. Thankfully, her dad’s wishes are ultimately right. Nonetheless, her condition is devastating and will leave a lasting impact on her entire family.

Iris’s love interest: Billie or Cade

Iris is a rainbow goddess who once flies back and forth between the sea and sky with golden wings. She collects seawater into a pitcher and rains from her golden wings to replenish the clouds. Despite her troubled past, she continues to be an active figure in the lives of people in Los Angeles. However, when a love triangle erupts between Iris and Cade, it is unclear who will win.

Final Words:

Iris’s love interests: Cade and Billie? The question remains: who will she choose? The answer depends on her character’s arc. Cade is the only character that has been around for more than half the series. He and Iris are both equally charming and endearing. Regardless of what happens, it’s clear that Iris’s choice is a tough one.


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