Visual Marketing Trends to Watch Out For

Visual marketing is the practice of using visual elements in marketing communications to increase audience engagement and brand awareness. Its main components are videos, infographics, images, and diagrams, which come in a variety of formats and themes, depending on the specific purpose. And as new types of visual content emerge almost every year, your marketing team needs to keep up with the latest trends.

Get Creative with Your Promotion

Classic promo materials, such as posters and brochures, keep playing a vital role in visual marketing. With the abundance of web services and downloadable programs offering professionally designed examples and templates, you can create a flyer or booklet in seconds and use it in both offline and online marketing campaigns. After all, an eye-catching picture has the equal power to make a user stop scrolling through Instagram stories or the Facebook feed and to cause a person passing by to take and read the leaflet.

The main trend in designing promo materials is the use of bright and even flashy colors. Add fluorescent shades or a marker effect, thereby attracting more attention. It looks especially impressive against a dark background. Also, the fashion for perfectionism and symmetry in design is receding into the past little by little. Asymmetry is on the rise. It does not matter where the rules are violated – in the arrangement of elements, the font, or anywhere else. Such a trick arouses curiosity among the audience and inspires a desire to learn more and share with others.

Video Format Is Everywhere

Video clips will keep dominating as the most preferred type of content. Thanks to the popularity of YouTube and strong growth in the number of TikTok users, companies of all sizes get access to a vast audience of visual persons to market their products and services. Brands use video for visual marketing in many different ways. The videos are primarily entertaining, but they also explain or inform your audience on a topic. Communicate with clients with the help of video: tell the story of starting your business, show what is happening “behind the scenes”, answer questions live and, of course, collect feedback.

Show Everything and Even More

Many brands have already embraced augmented (AR) and virtual (VR) reality and included them in their marketing plans. These technologies are extremely effective in creating interactive content and attracting new clients. The most far-sighted companies also replace still images with 360-degree visualization. Visual marketing is all about making your products appear attractive to consumers, and 100% product demonstration helps with that. In other words, it is a tendency to make shopping more convenient by showing exactly what a product looks like to potential buyers.

Life Is a Movie

As tons of videos and images invade cyberspace, the style of visuals comes to the fore. Visual content styled after documentary and feature films is gaining more and more recognition. And this trend applies to both video and photo creation. The style leaves a lot of space in the center of a frame, pays much attention to details, uses muted color palettes, and involves little post-processing. Photographers and videographers continue to experiment with new lighting techniques and invent innovative ways of shooting.

Everyone Needs Changes for the Better

The most important content explores self-acceptance and a search for harmony and happiness. Therefore, the list of popular topics is topped by Mother nature, optimism, and openness. 

The use of natural tones and floral patterns shows the importance of preserving what humanity has practically destroyed. Nature-inspired color palettes, authentic photographs, and organic motion graphics are a win-win for your visuals. On the other hand, bright colors and rounded fonts help to positively influence a person and evoke a feeling of joy. 

Videos and photos with an emphasis on slow living are also trending. They are designed to show everyday life pleasures and inspire to look for beauty in detail. People are tired of delusive and polished pictures. They want to see real life, emotions, and feelings. You can harness the trend by showing your successes and failures, product creation processes, and team interactions.

Final Word

When creating visual content for your marketing purposes, do not miss out on branding. Whether you are promoting products, services, ideas, or values, you need to incorporate your brand identity into your imagery and showcase your uniqueness. Using your company name, color scheme, slogan, logo, and other distinctive features will help you stand out from competitors and gain a foothold in customer memory.


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