VPN Browsers Extensions: Why You Shouldn’t Use Them?

Decades ago, only a handful of people were familiar with the term VPN or proxy; however, now, if you look around, every avid tech geek uses a VPN connection to its fullest potential. Be it any VPN service provider, it focuses on developing mobile and desktop applications to facilitate its users. According to the statistics for 2021, about 137,345 chrome extensions are available for download, making Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox quite convenient to use. If you frequently use a VPN connection, you must prefer downloading the VPN’s application instead of the Chrome Extension.

Though every VPN extension isn’t malicious, as an end user, one should always focus on maintaining its privacy at every possible level. If your VPN provider has a desktop application, it’s safer and more dependable compared to VPN extensions Firefox and Google Chrome VPN extensions. The VPN extensions seem attractive and user-friendly if you take a closer look at them. But in today’s digitally fast-forward world, privacy comes first. While downloading and using VPN extensions, you will feel the ease of comfort, but that comfort comes at a price, and that’s your vulnerable online data and privacy. Continue reading to know about how internet extensions impact your overall VPN working.

Cons of Using VPN Browsers Extensions

Limited or Effected Speed 

Over the past few years, many leading VPN service providers have improved their desktop versions to provide their users with robust streaming, gaming, and surfing speeds. Unfortunately, it has been noted that many VPN browser extensions have reported slow internet speeds and overall working. Going on Google and activating the VPN with a single click seems easy. But, this affects the speed and working of the VPN connection.

If you prefer watching YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming websites, you must use the desktop application to turn on the VPN connection. Yes, the desktop application might take a few seconds to pop up, but it wouldn’t affect your internet’s speed and efficiency.

Data Leaks and Threats 

When you enter your VPN credentials on any browser’s extension, you give up your password. Using browser extensions is equivalent to using third-party applications for retail services. While accessing the internet, every user aims to keep their activity concealed and uninterrupted. When you enable the VPN chrome extension for your daily activities online, you expose your data and device to multiple online threats and malicious activities.

Unencrypted Connection

When signing up for any VPN connection, one should always ensure that the service provider offers a split tunneling feature that can only be accessed through the desktop version of the VPN application. When using the internet browser extension, your connection doesn’t remain encrypted. It is likely to fall into the hands of the third-party service provider, which is just offering you the ease of accessibility. Internet extensions secure a limited data set and are only helpful for casual browsing. However, if you carry out any business activities, you should use the desktop application to enable the VPN connection.

Limited Access 

If you have been using VPN browser extensions for a while, you would have felt that many international websites and pages wouldn’t work most of the time, even though your device is connected to the internet. Hence, it’s best to use verified browser desktop applications only if you want to stream or access geo-restricted content. While using the VPN’s desktop application, your internet’s IP address remains concealed, keeping you and your device secure from any online attacks and hacks.

Limited Features and Delayed Updates 

In this digitally friendly world, every individual searches for ease and comfort. If you are using a VPN browser extension, you will be facing multiple issues while streaming and accessing content. With VPN browsers, extensions, updates, and new features aren’t integrated timely. If you want regular updates, you must always use the desktop version of the VPN extension.

If you are using Ivacy VPN, it’s recommended that you use the desktop version of the application to save yourself from the hassle. After a thorough review, you will realize that you are using the micro version of the VPN application as browser extensions. Moreover, suppose you’re a tech-savvy individual who loves interacting with updated UI/UX designs. In that case, you must keep yourself attached to the main desktop application, which is directly controlled and monitored by the quality assurance and networking team.


After reading the entire blog, you can reflect on your recent experience using the VPN extension applications for different browsers. VPN chorme extension also features limited updates; hence, using VPN’s desktop applications is beneficial. To make your streaming and gaming experience seamless, you need to integrate VPN’s desktop application on your laptops, PCs, and other gadgets. Moreover, the VPN’s desktop application isn’t a burden on your system if you are concerned about storage issues. If you are looking for an updated VPN application, you can find and download VPN from stick to ones that have an excellent reputation.




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