Water Filters: Good Filtered Water, Good Health!

  • The filters remove any unwanted or foreign particles from the water like the taste, colour, bacteria for the better quality of the drinking water. The primary reason for the filter is to clean the drinking water. It is highly impossible to detect the water quality by just looking at it. The water undergoes processes like physical, chemical or biological analyses to test the quality of the water through the water filter

Testing the water is very important before drinking it as it can cause serious health issues in adults and even in children. The types are classified as mechanical, absorption, sequestration, ion exchange and reverse osmosis filters. The mechanical filters physically remove the dirt from the water. It has different filters to remove different sizes of particles. Absorption filters are carried out by carbon and are highly effective. The carbon absorbs any bacteria very fast

Ion exchange filter is the process where it softens the hard water by replacing the magnesium and calcium ions present in the hard water with the sodium and hydrogen ions. The reverse osmosis process removes unwanted particles from the water bypassing the water through the semipermeable membrane. 

Once the desired filter is purchased, one must consider the installation process and choose the right spot to place the filter. 

What Are the Various Benefits of Using Filters?

The water filter will help in cleaning the water and maintaining its quality by filtering the water out. They have many benefits, and one must install the filters or buy one which has them installed. A few of the benefits of using filters are:

  • These filters only make sure that clean and quality water enters one’s body as the body is made up of 80% of water. Water with no impurities is beneficial for the growth of the body and maintaining proper health.
  • Water contains aluminium, and excess of this could be related to a disease called Alzheimer. Once this gets into the body, it is very difficult to excrete out from the body and might even enter one’s brain. Preventing such diseases is crucial as it can take one’s life. It is recommended to use filters to clean water.
  • While treating the water, chlorine is added to water to kill harmful chemicals and bacteria. But this chlorine is very harmful to health as it can cause life-threatening cancer water filter Canada
  • If the water is filtered, it can be used in various applications like washing fruits and vegetables, cooking, preparing tea and coffee and watering plants. One will have easy access to all such applications if there are filters for water.
  • Instead of boiling water to kill bacteria, one can have filters to clean water without any extra effort. It saves a lot of time and invests in a good filter, leading a healthy life. 

What Are the Ways of Cleaning the Filters?

Using the filters and after that cleaning them is also very important. Reverse osmosis, as well as carbon filters, are the most popular and common ones. The ways of cleaning the water filters are:

  • Reverse Osmosis

The water needs to be drained from the filtration system, and then the pre-filter and the membrane should be detached. One must use chemical cleaners to clean the entire system based on the manufacturer’s instructions. After this, one must remove the build-up present inside the system and wash the membrane with the required solution. Then rinse it off and reassemble everything like before. 

  • Carbon Filters

Firstly, fill the bucket with water and add two cups of muriatic acid to it. One must regularly stir the water with a plastic stirrer. One must then rinse the filter to remove the build-up and once this is clear, place the filter inside the solution. The filter must stay in the solution for at least five days to remove contaminants. After this, one can then sink the filter in clean water and rinse and then reinstall. 

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