Wavlink AC600 Range Wifi Outdoor Extender

The Wavlink AC600 has a 30dBm/1000mW external dual polarisation directional dual-band antenna.

TWO BAND High transmission strength and 2.4GHz 150Mbps speed overcome the WiFi barriers

Flexible deployment with passive power over Ethernet (POE). For the most stable connection, choose a Wi-Fi network with a signal intensity of at least 70%.

Safe and flexible: WEP,WPA/WPA2 Ethernet, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK security (POE) Flexible Deployment Support

Modes of Operation: The WL-WN570HA1 has AP, Router, and WISP modes. It also has Access Point, Client, and Client+Repeater modes for various wireless systems.

How Does It Work?

Indoor and outdoor video monitoring and data transfer are supported by the WL-WN570HA1. It includes a built-in 12dBi directional dual-polarized antenna that efficiently picks up and maintains a consistent signal for a wireless network connection spanning kilometres. Your wifi request was well-satisfied.

  • For large areas such as factories, communities, streets, etc.The AC600 AP/Router is employed.
  • There are two ways to extend a 2.4GHZ or 5GHz wireless signal beyond the range of the router or access point.
  • Included HPT. Modes: Repeater, AP, router
  • It has up to 1000 mW of power and a new receiver.
  • Extremely durable waterproof case.
  • Initiate a snare Strengthen 3 LEDs wireless signal.

Long-range performance with 30dBm/1000mW transmission power and external dual polarisation multi-band antenna:


Flexible deployment with passive power over Ethernet (POE).

Secure and adaptable

 WPA2 Support for WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK data security and Ethernet (POE) Multiple

Modes of Operation

Operating modes include AP, Router, and WISP. Access Point, Client and Client+Repeater modes are provided by the AP Router for wireless systems.

Modes of Operation

  • An access point converts a wired network into a wireless network, allowing you to connect laptops and tablets.
  • Set up a private wireless network and share the Internet with many WiFi devices.
  • WiFi Range Extender: Extend a wireless network’s WiFi coverage.

Setup of Wavlink AC600 Outdoor Wifi Extender

Wireless 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band extender Wavlink AERIAL HD2 – AC600 Model WN-WN570HA1 supports up to 600Mbps combined WiFI speed. It is an 11AC outdoor device with access point, repeater, and router functions. Wired outdoor access point with outdoor wifi extender mode to enhance signal range without installing a real wired line. In a previous article, we discussed using Wavlink indoor range extenders to improve wifi coverage. Best outdoor long-range extender Wavlink AC600 for street, park, college campus and other outside places. In addition, it has a waterproof casing that withstands harsh outside conditions, extending your wifi range.

Login to Wavlink AC600 Outdoor Repeater

Due to the Wavlink AC-600 only supporting one PoE Ethernet connection, a PoE injector is required to connect your PC/laptop.

  1. Injector PoE port to wavlink wifi extender Ethernet port.
  2. By using the Injector’s LAN-in connection, you may connect your PC or laptop.
  3. In this case, use Wavlink-N or WAVLINK-AC SSID.
  4. Then connect the adapter’s DC pin to the PoE injector’s DC socket.

Wireless Setup | AP.setup mode

The Wavlink AC600 setup is available in several operating modes: modem, access point, repeater, and WISP.

Intelligent Access Point runs in this mode. This is what connects you to wireless networks. The technology functions as a network switch for wireless and wired networks.

Set it up as follows:

  • Then login to the admin tab.
  • Press AP mode to get to AP.setup.
  • Pick an SSID for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (the network name). You can pick any name.
  • Set protection type to WPA2 PSK
  • Enter your preferred WiFi Key password.
  • Apply to set up the environment.

Wavlink Outdoor AP/Repeater Login

If ap.setup or is not working in a web browser, please follow the procedures below.

  • If using AC600 WiFi, ensure you’re connected to the same SSID.
  • Check that the LAN cable from the PoE injector to the Wavlink and PC is correctly connected and operating.
  • Check that PC/laptop LAN settings are not in a non-Wavlink IP series (192.168.l0.1).
  • Instead of 192.168.1o.1 or, type or http://ap.setup.

No internet on the repeater

  • To address “limited connectivity or no internet problem” on Wavlink outdoor devices configured as Repeater mode, follow the instructions below.
  • Ensure your Wavlink repeater has a functional internet connection.
  • Check that the Repeater device is utilising the right host network WiFI key.
  • Verify that your PC/Mobile WiFI IP settings are not manually changed.
  • Check for a firewall or antivirus.

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