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Ways to Deck up Your Comfort Space with Table Runners

The beautiful space where we find all the coziness and comfort of the world is what we call our home. We are always looking for ways to style it by adding or altering certain things. But the truth is we often run out of ideas when we take the task at hand. Sometimes we overdo ourselves, and sometimes we are clueless about what to include or exclude. But a simple table accessory like a runner can come to your aid in myriad possible ways you might not have ever imagined. Here are shared some tips that will help you in your endeavor. 

Using it in the dining area

The first and foremost place where we are likely to place a runner is on our dining table. Other than doing the job of protecting the table, it can add glamour to your dining area if you can team the perfect runner with the decor of the space. You may use it across the length of the table or the breadth. If you feel you can even opt to use more than one runner as well. But whatever be the case, keep the color scheme of the space in mind before doing any alteration.

As a kitchen decor

Many of us spend much time in the kitchen making delicious meals for our loved ones. So, why not make that space prettier than before to pep up our mood. A table runner can be a game-changer here, but you have to know how to use it and where to use it. The best places you can place them would be on the baker’s rack or the kitchen island or maybe on the kitchen table. You can keep your decorative tea set or napkins on them.

As a bedroom decor

Yes, you read it correctly. A runner can also be used to brighten up your bedroom. The most convenient place to keep it will be at the end of the bed. If you have side tables or chests, placing runners on them can bring the desired change. 

As a console table decor

In most of our houses, we find the console tables in the entryway. A festive runner placed on them can be a welcoming sight for your guests. It would create a beautiful tablescape and would surely add up to the festive mood.   

Using runners in the family room

We spent most of our time in the family room other than the kitchen. So, changing the look of this room can infuse a new zeal in all. Be it on the coffee tables, TV tables, end tables, or bookshelves- place them wherever you think they would look the best. 

As a seasonal decoration

We tend to have family get-togethers during holidays. So, decorating the space for the guests to enjoy becomes very important to us. Runners can come to your rescue as they can also serve as an alternate wall hanging. If it’s for Christmas, you know what colors to choose to bring in the festive vibe. 


Runners are great when it comes to adding color and design to your home space. These are only some of the ways you can use them to decorate your home. Who knows, you may find some other extraordinary ways to use them to infuse life into the cozy corner of your house

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