What Are Bitcoin Confidential Transactions?

Here we are going to talk about a confidential bitcoin transaction conceived by bitcoin developer Adam Back. A popular method is to use homomorphic forms for outputs and inputs for confidential transactions, to maintain complete confidentiality of transactions that are the reason to care about your investment . This is just a blind factor that just keeps all the numbers in a string manner and can be used by the trader with any bitcoin transaction or for taking inputs or outputs.

Confidential transactions are carried out between two participating parties that allow full access to the private amount and prevent certain outside observers from gaining access to its information. However, some networks have been observed that have been able to determine the complete validity of confidential transactions. We can achieve this by ensuring and getting the same output as its input at the beginning of the transaction to be done by it. Let us know whether the transaction to be done can have the following inputs or not.

Learn In-Depth About Confidential Transactions.

Confidentiality only keeps the cryptosystem of the blockchain more confidential to know more and improve it. In this, transactions done confidentially are allowed to give some important information. It allows information about any type of data exchange, but actors other than participants may find it difficult to interpret the encoded information. In this, the external actor can obtain all the information about the encoding, the information must be completely true and this is possible only if there is information about it.

The Bitcoin Protocol Suffers from Some Problems


When it comes to the lack of anonymity, at the beginning of bitcoin, it also remained anonymous, being some decentralised digital currency, all traders got to know it and started investing in it. Any bitcoin network is still represented by a public address, and the user can use the block explorer to track all transactions and history. 

Whenever a real and public address is used, only a link has to be established between the user at that time, this is necessary because other users can get information about it because every user It is important to know who they are with when doing transactions The bitcoin protocol is best known under a pseudonym.

Problem With Any Type Of Transaction With Confidential.

Both trade secret transactions and regular bitcoin transactions had very large sizes, about 16x. It is such a large size that it already faced full scaling issues. This makes it difficult to keep the transactions done in the bitcoin protocol confidential. The size of confidential transactions done through it has been reduced substantially to the size of a regular bitcoin transaction.

What Is Ringcity?

RingCity is a confidential transaction also known as a protocol. Monero allows complete anonymity of transactions made with the network and all related data, including any amount sent or sender, a transfer can be hidden. It links the ring whistle and the original Moneros, which many senders think should be sent to others. We can choose it at random within any network at any time. The protocol was first implemented in the world in 2017, and from that year it became mandatory to use it on every Monero network.

Confidential Transactions In Monero

We all know Monero as a cryptocurrency that was implemented in 2014 for an open-source system of decentralisation and privacy. Its main objective is simply that it fully ensures privacy for and for users within any network and is based on the capability of our cryptocurrencies.

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