What Are the Best Small Towns Near Boston?

Boston is a high-paced, high-energy type of city. When you visit Boston, you rarely stop to enjoy the small things. When there is so much to do in the middle of a big city like Boston, you have to move and think very quickly. While moving this fast can surely be a recipe for a good time, it can also cause some stress. Everyone likes to slow things down every once in a while, so taking a day on your trip to Boston to visit a smaller town within driving distance might be something to look into. 

Below is a list of small towns near Boston where you and your family can take a walk and enjoy the little things. You won’t have to worry about fast-paced city exploration. Instead, you can just explore what the town offers, and maybe you can meet some cool new people. 


When New England pops into your head, the town of Rockport most likely flashes through your mind. Everything that New England is historically famous for can be found in this small village. Old historic buildings, rocky coastal shores, interesting coves, and a quaint feel can all be located in Rockport. 


Old mills, rocky terrain, and a series of ponds can all be found in the quiet mountain town of Dover. When looking into visiting a small town to get away from the high speeds of the city, what is the main objective? If for you, the aim is to go outside and enjoy the scenic nature, then Dover is your place. 

There is a park called Noanet Woodlands that holds an old mill in the woods along with several ponds. Noanet is the perfect place to go outside, breathe, and enjoy the scenery without any other worries. 


There is a lot of rich history within the town of Concord. With a population of just over 17,000 people, it remains a small town. If you are a local Concordian, you know that there are so many fun outdoor activities to do in Concord. Walden pond specifically has beautiful scenery in the fall months. Also, there is a local Park called the Minuteman National Historical Park. At this park, a ton of beautiful scenery and small-time fishing can be found. 


Despite wanting to get away from the high speed of Boston, there is a lot to enjoy about the city. Boston is historically rich in live sporting events, and the people in the town are very passionate about these events. If you enjoy the city of Boston, there are several Boston homes for sale that might snag your attention. 

Even though the city is great, with great people, and even better restaurants, sometimes city life can be overwhelming. Vacationing should be something that you enjoy, and when you live in a city, you might enjoy the peace for a week or so, but if you live in quiet, you might enjoy vacationing in the city. 


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