What Are The Different Types Of IT Outsourcing Services?

With IT systems getting more advanced and complicated each year, the demand for IT outsourcing services has grown among businesses. From cost savings to better performance outcomes, the practice of outsourcing software development and other IT related processes have numerous advantages. For any company looking to tap into cutting-edge software solutions for their business success, here is a guide on the types of outsourcing services one can find.

Why IT Outsourcing Services?

Reduce Cost: Having an in-house software development team can be costly, especially for smaller organizations. By relying on an IT outsourcing company, businesses can easily access the best services and talents without having to waste resources on hiring and training IT staff. Moreover, IT outsourcing eliminates the need for businesses to invest in the latest IT infrastructure and tools for successful software development, therefore helping to reduce IT costs significantly.

Use Time Effectively: Not only does it save costs, but IT outsourcing also allows businesses to save time. IT outsourcing companies support business processes with skilled IT professionals. Unlike building in-house development teams from scratch that can require long training processes, these IT professionals have the experience to take on any project quickly and successfully. 

Efficiency: IT outsourcing takes care of backend processes. This enables businesses to focus on their front expertise without having to worry about wasting time and effort in learning and doing things that are not specialised. Additionally, IT outsourcing companies have years of industry experience, which allows them to produce higher quality work at faster execution times.

Increased Security: The threat of cyberattacks is becoming more prominent as the business world shifts its operations online. In the event of an attack, critical data becomes vulnerable and prone to becoming lost, which can impact how the company functions overall. With IT outsourcing, businesses will have access to a large enough and experienced team to handle any crisis just a phone call away. Moreover, IT outsourcing can manage the overall IT security infrastructure, making the company less open to cyber threats overall.

Availability: Unlike in-house IT support, IT outsourcing services work round the clock to ensure that the client’s website and storage servers are running smoothly. This is key to ensuring that the company’s systems stay safe from unprecedented threats. Having 24/7 IT support means that they are available anytime to troubleshoot any problems the business may be experiencing.

Types Of IT Outsourcing Services

1. Offshore IT Outsourcing

This type of outsourcing involves sending IT-related work to a third-party provider in a different country. Countries like China, India and the Philippines tend to offer lower costs and tax savings. Businesses can easily get access to global talents and skills at a fraction of the cost it takes to set up their own in-house IT support. However, the issue of trust and stability can arise since the work is outsourced to a remote location. Hence, for businesses dealing with sensitive and critical information, offshore IT outsourcing services may not always be preferred. 

2. Nearshore IT Outsourcing

This involves the process of sending IT-related work to a business in a country that shares a border with the country the company is headquartered in. Outsourcing IT work to an adjacent country not only makes travelling convenient, but it also makes communication and collaboration easier as developers from both countries tend to speak the same language. This also helps the business save on costs in the long-term as well.

3. Onshore IT Outsourcing

Onshore or local outsourcing involves contracting an external service provider, usually within the same country, to provide on-site IT professionals and support. In this type of outsourcing, having outsourced workers reside in the same country and in the same time zone helps the client company save on time and costs. The company can have access to IT expertise that is responsive and reliable throughout working hours.

4. Other IT Outsourcing Services

Besides the above mentioned, businesses can also consider other services that IT outsourcing companies may provide:

  • Multi-sourcing: Involves outsourcing IT and other company functions.
  • Co-sourcing: Involves the outsourcing agreement being a collective agreement between one external vendor and multiple clients.
  • Process-specific Outsourcing: Involves outsourcing only a complex business process.
  • Business-specific Outsourcing: Involves outsourcing all types of business functions to a third-party service provider.
  • Project Outsourcing: Involves outsourcing IT project management tasks to a third-party service provider.

Unsure Of Which IT Outsourcing Your Business Needs?

Consult a professional IT outsourcing expert like NEX CorporateIT. We understand that choosing a suitable IT outsourcing service can be tricky, especially if your company has multiple complex functions that need support. Through evaluating factors like expense and efficiency, we can help recommend the ideal IT outsourcing solution your business needs.

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