What are the Duties of An Amazon Account Manager?

As the influence of the internet is increasing day by day, people are turning towards online solutions to sort out their daily problems. This is how the online business and marketing have managed to root strongly. In the previous 20 years, there were huge and drastic changes made in the marketing business. This is because the world’s largest online store Amazon has laid its foundations which aims to promote online services and utilize the facilities that the internet provides us.

It not only facilitates you to buy necessary products online but apparently, is a huge source of earning to its 2 million-seller. It offers you an opportunity to open and manage your own online shop with the inventory of your choice just by investing a modest capital. All you need is to have a good know-how of marketing and managing your account. However, such a big website which makes a sale of $638 million in a day also needs to be looked after. Therefore, the company appointed a team of expert managers and consultants to keep a record of daily activities and introduce revolutionary ideas to the business market. Moreover, many Amazon marketing and consulting agencies like Urtasker, are backed with professional experts to provide the best Amazon account management services

But before getting to know about what it is like to be an Amazon Manager, you must know about the activities of sellers on Amazon. Therefore, let us first drive you through the basics of being an Amazon seller.

How To Create An Amazon Account?

Amazon is basically the world’s largest online affiliate, retailer, and cloud service provider. This offers you a chance to startup your market online by just registering your profile and account details to Amazon.

Amazon provides its users to create their personal seller account, where they can post all the related information about their inventory and apparently can manage their business. An Amazon account offers you a chance to make your shop free of cost in the e-commerce market 

All you need to do is to follow these simple steps, to make your account yet representation on Amazon

Step 1: Download the Amazon App from the google play store or visit the official website www.

Step 2: After opening the app. Click on  Create a new Amazon account.

Step 3: Enter your authentic identity in the  User name (try not to copy someone’s else name)

Step 4: Provide your personal number in the Mobile number (the number must be valid and in use)

Step 5:Enter a valid  Email address to connect

Step 6: Choose a  Password of your choice.

Step 7: Click on  Continue to manage further progressions.

Step 8: On the new page that appeared on the screen, enter a six-digit OTP in the space provided and click Verify.

And that’s it your Amazon account is ready to be in use

Basics of Being an Amazon Seller

Before starting up your own Amazon seller account you must have to collect a little information about marketing such as how to establish a good name, what are the basic requirements of your store, how to satisfy the customers etc.

Read the account below to know what it means to have your own shop

  • Before creating a shop on Amazon, the investor must have to search for the product which has the most sales.
  • Try to fill up the inventory with products you want to display on your site.
  • Add diversity to your product list. Try to introduce new items.
  • While having a store online, time management is the most important factor. Try to deliver orders on time.
  • You must focus on the quality of your product, instead of the quantity of order.
  • Try to keep in touch with the customers, by reading and replying to FAQs regularly.
  • You are recommended to recheck your order twice before the shipment to avoid any inconvenience between the customers.

Now you have the basic know-how of the responsibilities of having your own seller accounts. But, apparently, you are not the only one performing his duty on Amazon. There is an ample channel of workers, performing their services to make Amazon the world’s largest E-commerce Market. However, the most paramount task is to manage the Amazon Account Services.

Who Are The Amazon Account Managers?

It is apparent that managing such an enormous and globally recognized and used web cloud like Amazon is not a piece of cake. The company has to keep a close eye on each and every transaction, order placement, product listing, revenue generated, inventory level, and the possible sales made. Therefore, it is not possible to be controlled by a single person or application efficiently. Hence, the company hires professional managers and consultants along with various new applications to introduce and supervise contemporary E-business activities and plans including product listing, website management, social media updates, introducing revolutionary campaigns and promotions. Moreover, they are also responsible for providing improved selection, quantity, and convenience across the seller’s network. They are seen as a bridge between the seller and the consumer

Traits of an Amazon Account Manager

If you dream to manage an extensive platform like Amazon, and you find those problem-solving and leadership qualities in yourself then you can apply for a job just by throwing your CV online to But before going that further just take a brief look at the attributes and capabilities that amazon is for the candidate of such a delicate post

  • For being an Amazon manager, you must have exemplary management and leadership skills and know-how to make a strong bond with co-workers and investors
  • A massive experience in the field along with the expertise computing skills
  • Should be an excellent mathematician and has the ability to overlook financial issues like balancing budgets
  • Time management is the key to success in the E-commerce business. Hence, the manager must know to carry out multiple tasks at the same time
  • The manager should analyze the crucial details of the upraised issue from every angle and must be capable to produce a reliable solution
  • Must be determined in achieving his goals and passionate about introducing new and revolutionary business ideas and campaigns

What are the Duties of an Amazon Account Manager

The Amazon Account manager is seen as the backbone of the platform. As it performs all the basic dealing essential for making the channel work properly. 

Hence there are some responsibilities that only experienced managers can perform:

  • The amazon account manager is accountable for making and maintaining good relations with other business partners 
  • Is responsible for making bounds with the investors and company for the prospective mutual growth  and business goals
  • Attract third-party business (independent sellers) and manage the company’s financial and business objectives
  • Provide the seller’s improved Marketplace business opportunities along with revolutionary investment ideas and better sale campaigns
  • Moreover, they are responsible for solving seller’s issues and account mismanagements
  • Guide global counterparts regarding advanced business strategies and opportunities (mainly to EU, US, and Asia teams)
  • Consciously observe every contributor’s activity. And invoke the seller regarding their mistakes in boosting up the sales and performance
  • Keep in contact with members of every product category, to investigate the performance, and chance of attaining better revenue
  • Closely observe the relation between the company and clients through both internal and external
  • Capable to solve every sort of upraised problem immediately by leading cross-functional teams
  • Never cooperate on maintaining the standard and good name of the platform
  • Maintain the inventory according to the customer’s requirements and try to include new items in the list. Moreover, strive to improve and streamline the process and progress 

What are the Account Management Services?

Hence, if you have read about the basics of being an Amazon account manager and are curious about the service they perform, then read the account below. It will give you a complete tour of the struggles Amazon made for providing the best services to its users and customers

Establishing a Seller Central Account

Help the new seller in accomplishing and managing their account. Moreover, responsible for solving all sorts of problems and complaints faced by the visitors along with the users

Optimizing Product Listing

Responsible for locating the products according to the customer’s requirements. Therefore, rank the pages in the perspective of SEO rules and line up each product according to its description and sales made. The customer’s reviews and stars are also counted while ranking the product

Applying the SEO Rules

Search and locate the products with respect to the frequency of the keywords applied. The most relevant has the more sales

Adding Keywords in Description

Provides the facility to add up benefits of the product in the description and also allows you to add captive images of the item to attract more customers. Moreover facilitates you to improve your listing’s conversion rate by adding key points complimenting the item

Managing Product Listing

The product listing is the backbone of creating an upright seller account. Hence, it provides a facility to manage and place your product list in its relevant category. You just need to add several details like SKU, content, search terms, attributes, and more.

Registering New Brands

If the user wants to introduce a new brand, then he has to move through an extensive procedure like registering, branding, calling on people’s awareness, and advertising it through other websites. However, according to amazon’s advanced Account Management services, now the team will take the complete charge of your documents.

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